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April Showers bring May flowers...  April's flowers are Daisy and Sweet Pea

Diamond is April's Birthstone and a Girl's Best Friend!

This month I decided to concentrate on some famous fashionable women who were born in April. There were so many to chose from this is just USA and England.  Hope you enjoy my picks!

Kristen Stewart the 9th 

Here she is in Chanel.  The First Photo Resort 2017 with Louboutin ankle strap pumps. The Second is  the Pre-Fall Collection. She sure likes to change her hair styles! I also included some Street Style photos of Kristen.

Emma Watson the 15th 

Did the complete opposite with Emma. Love this golden dress she was just caught in a few days ago. Next is her Belle gown from "Beauty and the Beast". And this incredible gown from DIOR 2017 was just the dress to make her kind of cosmic and dangerous with that bustier! Really like the netting cover that was added to the top for Emma.

 Victoria Beckman the 17th 

Stepping out in a loose fitting jacket and trousers with platforms. She has just released her new Victoria by Victoria Beckman Spring/Summer Collection 2017 pictured above, which is favored by a lot of celebrities.

Kate Hudson the 19th 

Here she is in a bright yellow outfit for spring and a MICHAEL KORS 2017 flower patterned wrap dress.  Had to post a glamour shot of her also. Kate wore this lovely gown to the Vanity Fair after a party last weekend. Street Style with the Blush sweater and coffee to go is last.

Queen Elizabeth the 21st 

Such a bright spectrum of color. Always with her hat, pin, necklace, dress or top and skirt. Then gloves, bag and sensible shoes. See she has the same pair on in 4 shots. This was a comic addition to make your smile.  :)


So even if you are not a famous celebrity, movie star, clothing designer married to the hottest guy in the world with gorgeous children or the Queen... and you were born in the month of APRIL please post your doll's name and your birth date. 

You may even receive a small gift from Jenna, Me and others if you are an active member. Add some small gifts to your wishlist. Please be honest about your Birthday.

Other members please visit the Birthday person's doll to give them good wishes or you can comment under their birthday post. Gifting is optional. 

We hope everyone participates and returns the kindness when it is other's members birthday's throughout the months.

Please put your Stardoll name with your original post. I am old and cannot remember everyone's names ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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