Monday, October 23, 2017


The November HotBuys have been unveiled!

Some of them are very cute! 
I'm glad we at least have that to look forward to because their latest releases have been a bit lacking.

What do you think of them?

The RLV team is already hard at work finding the real versions 
so I expect they will be up at the blog soon! 
I can't wait to see them all.



The results are in and the following people were eliminated from Round 2.


Thank you for participating! 
Please choose 1 item $20sd or less as your prize. 
Make sure it is in your WL and comment when complete.

That means the following people move on to Round 3.


It's Swimsuit time!

Create the perfect SWIMSUIT look.
Be creative.
Think about every detail from head to toe including your background.

~Don't forget your Stardoll names
~You have until Monday Oct 30, 2017
~Post entries in comments


1st place: $600sd or 3 Months Superstar
~New wardrobe
~New furniture

2nd place: $200sd or 1 Month Superstar
~Additional random gifts from WL

3rd place: $100sd or the equivalent in gifts

~Additional random gifts from WL



This weekend the HB Bowler Hat was released for $13sd. 

It was inspired by this hat by Maison Michel.
Thanks to our Inspired By blog for the RLV.

What do you think of it?

Well, if you haven't rushed out to buy it, you can win it here in our giveaway!

Simply style the hat and post your pics in comments.

~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Open for a limited time

RNTM Cycle 1 - Task 4

America's Next Top Model
Episode 7
"The Task"

Well, we have 7 amazing models left, and I think it is time to introduce you to a special task! My BEST FRIEND on stardoll had her own AMAZING modeling competition Model-Fever. EVERY cycle she would have an America's Next Top Model task, Mia would assign the remaining models a contestant from a specific cycle, or a specific photo shoot from a cycle. It was ALWAYS different. Well, I will be using this idea too, because I look up to Mia, and I miss her SO MUCH! 

Without further ado, and many tissues later, This task, I will be assigning the top 7, models from ANTM Cycles 1-22. I will also provide a web page you can look through and choose a photo to recreate of that specific model!

Lets get started!

Ealain: Raina Hein CYCLE 14

Lil_Rocker_Grl: Cycle 21
You get a WHOLE cycle to choose from as a prize for winning best photo!

Uitsili: Brittany Brower CYCLE 4 + 17

GirlSahar444: Jaclyn Poole  CYCLE 16

 Louisa.Karemina: Michelle Babbin CYCLE 7

Dorky123: Fo Porter CYCLE 12

LoveFontinh: Jennifer An CYCLE 13

First off, I would like to say. This is a modeling competition, so please don't change your medolls to LOOK LIKE YOUR ASSIGNED MODEL, but make sure to RECREATE the photo in a way that it evokes the your assigned model!

Thank you! I am SO excited to see all of your photo shoots!

This task is DUE November 4th

Sunday, October 22, 2017

RNTM Cycle 1 - Task 3 Judging Panel

The Girl who Crawled Away
Episode 6
"Judging and Elimination"
Well hello,and welcome back to another episode of Roxanne's Next Top Model! Last week the remaining 8 models had to brave it out and model with TARANTULA'S for SPYDER BYTE Perfume. Unfortunately, B.E.A.T.K.A has been disqualified, thank you for competing! You have such an awesome talent for sceneries! 

Well, that leaves 7, and we are about to see your VENOMOUS scenes! I will be the only judge for this round! 

We shall start in order from BEST PHOTO to the BOTTOM 2!

Best photo of the week goes to....


You have won best photo because I feel you were the only one who really captured the essence of SPYDER BYTE.  It's simple, no distractions, and you had such a quick, but memorable slogan! There a bit of technical mess ups, like your wrist is awkwardly long, and the perfume bottle (which looks like a vile of poison, awesome) Is super grainy and pixelated! BUT, there is NO denying you look BEAUTIFUL, FIERCE, and like a BLACK WIDOW. Well done! To think you started this contest in the bottom two is so crazy! 

Runner-up for best photo is...

 If this was strictly based on POSING, you would have won best photo! Why? Because your pose is NEAR FLAWLESS, and the best one of the bunch. The ONLY problem I have is that your arm looks SO SKINNY compared to your torso! The main reason why you are 2nd this week is because I felt you lacked in theme! It seems like a Broadway production of a burlesque musical "PHANTOM SEDUCTION" There is no denying that this is so original, but it's not really part of the aesthetic I was looking for! It's not dark, and brooding enough, and I get Jessica Rabbit from you, not a Black Widow. Amazing work! 

The next model safe is

 Those claws are so creepy, I am LOVING IT. Unfortunately, the spiders, and the hands are the only things I really like about this scene! I think you should really spend some time practicing neatness, because every week seems to be a bit jagged and messy for you in your scenes! However! I think you did well staying on theme, but your bottle is to bright for a dark perfume ad, and the scene just seems so cluttered, and it distracts me from you! This was a good scene, but neatness and more darkness would have made it better! Well done, I shall be seeing you next week!

Still in this competition is

 I love the broken down doll pose! It's super chic, and the gloves are so edgy! I do however feel its a bit too dramatic! Like the Phantom of the Opera! I know because this challenge may have been a bit dramatic, its hard to make it seem not so "obvious" or "cliche". I do like the slogan, but the logo is too colorful, if it was all red it would be better! This is a nice task, and congratulations on making it to next week! 

The last model safe from the bottom two is...

 Overall, this is a good scene, but it isnt as strong as the four above you! Its a bit too bright, and LARGE. My eyes are darting all over the photo because the Bottle is so far away from you, the words are ALL OVER, and there you are in the corner! I also find it weird that Avril Lavigne's name is on the bottle! This who scene screams emo wedding invitation, and not dark perfume ad! Well done on making it to next week!

That leaves

LoveFontinh, and Louisa.Karemina

You two have SO MANY thing in common with this task. The pose is similar, you don't really fit in with the scene (clothes, hair, make-up), and its way to bright!  I am a little sad because you two started of this Cycle so strong, and each week you have fallen I know you two can do better, but I still believe in one of you more...

 Louisa.Karemina, you are still in the running towards become Roxanne's Next Top Model!

LoveFontinh, its really sad to see how fast you have dropped in this pack of really strong models. I was really scared that maybe you just couldn't catch up in time. I do think you have the possibilities to be a good model, but can you get the hang of it in time? We shall have to see. You are also still in the running! Congratulations! 

Sorry for that, I just felt you needed a wake-up call!

 To my TOP 7, TASK 4 will be ANNOUNCED ON HERE MONDAY. Good luck! 

Leave all your thoughts in the COMMENTS BELOW

and as always, if you want a CLOSER look at the contest, join OUR CLUB HERE 

Friday, October 20, 2017


This Weekend's Theme is Stripes

This is one of my non Superstar dolls in a couple of quick outfits 

made mostly from Freebies and Starcoins

I know you all will do better 

Below are some Fall 2017 Designer looks to inspire you

Rules for Theme 

Dress you doll in an outfit with Stripes

Please NOT just an accessory 

Must be a main piece of clothing 

Post it along with your STARDOLL NAME and the DATE 

in the OOTD topic under SATURDAY or SUNDAY

 located at the top of this blog 

Don't forget to return and UP VOTE your favorites

♥ Do Not Post Your Entries Here ♥

If you enter both days you will be put into a random drawing for 50 Stardollar Wishlist prizes!


New floors of Bod Mod released

And it's possibly the laziest release ever created by Stardoll

There are 2 new floors, basically 2 costumes recoloured 6 times, the mermaid tails were freebies not so long ago. Prices range between 5 and 30 sd. There are 6 starcoin items.

Lmao, any of yall buying this? :DD

Happy Birthday Aonuk!

Today is a special day for one of our own - Aonuk.
She is awesome mature rocker lady who helped me A LOT when I started writing for SMW :)

She dreams of retirement, loves 90s music and Japanese food (and apparently colour orange).
She really is awesome, I mean, look at this list of bands she has seen :)

Her doll is always looking so fierce and lets not forget all the love she puts in Weekend OOTDs.

So, my dear Aonuk, happy birthday to you and thank you for all the love and support you've shown me in my short time as a writer for SMW!

Love, Anja ❤

Send her some love today!
If you are friends on Stardoll, you can leave a comment in her GB HERE, if not then just leave a comment below!

If you wish, you can leave her a small gift, but that's not compulsory.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The HB Burberry Inspired Knit Top came out yesterday and I love it. I think it will look cute with a bunch of things. What do you think of it?

Style this HB to be included in our POLL.

WIN $50sd

Plus all entries automatically qualify to be included in our random giveaway... simply state that you want to be included in your comment.

Happy Birthday 19rhy99

It's a big day today, with 19rhy99  turning 18!

This Turkish doll has big dreams of being a doctor, is a Kpop fan, as well as having a very active Stardoll blog.

I picked out some of her best outfits over the past two months, and they are all so very different and very creative!

In many cultures, 18 is a big birthday, signifying the end of childhood... so in the tradition of embarrassing baby photos, I give you - an actually not-that-embarrassing - Yearbook  photo! 

So makes sure to head on over to her suite and wish her a wonderful day!

As always, gifts are appreciated, though not compulsory.

Happy Birthday DollWars34

A big Happy Birthday goes to Dollwars34 today! 

She is a contributing writer for the Models.Company Club blog - check out this time-travel themed scenery for the Superpowers post!

And of course, a couple of super cute outfits too:

Make sure to head on over to her suite and wish her a wonderful birthday!

Her GB is only open to friends, but you can always leave a comment down below (or get sneaky and go over to her album ;)

As always, gifts are appreciated but not compulsory.



giannoula5 is our winner! 

Chosen by Random Name Picker so all can have a chance to win 

Love both her outfits and she followed the rules

Polka Dot Overload is good! 

giannoula5 wins 50 Stardollars in wishlist items!

Our returning member Regina226 had the most up votes - 8

Everybody is glad she is back

Regina226 wins 25 Stardollars in wish list items! 

Will both winners please place an item or items 

on their wishlists for the amount they have won? 

Post here when you have done so 

Listing the items will help

Remember No Royalty Discount 

We need more members to participate in the Up Voting of outfits 

Return and vote your faves please 

The up voting is not counted until Tuesday 

So if you want a say in who wins participate 🌞 

♥ Aonuk ♥


Monday, October 16, 2017


Sorry everyone! I accidentally deleted a few of the entries, so I had to restart the poll. 
Please take a moment and vote on your favorites again. Thanks!

Please choose up to 10 of your favorite looks for the evening wear round.

Poll will be open for 2 days

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