Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Saint Laurent Tribute released!

Stardoll kicked off the Christmas Tribute season with Saint Laurent!

There are 2 floors of the legendary french designer house's items and the prices range between 37 and 14 sd. There are no starcoin items.

What do you think of this Tribute? What are you favourite items?

- Style one of the MAIN items from this collection to enter our giveaway
- Don't forget your username
- No photo editing, except background
- Enter our Christmas comps for a greater chance of winning!

Good luck!

In other news...
Hotbuys Brigth Red Midi dress released

It costs 26 sd and you can find them in Pretty n' Love.
I'm not a great fan of it, the print reminds me of paramecium...

Are you buying it tho?


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Shine Bright Comp!

The holidays are here and so is the holiday spirit! With that being said, I’m in a mood to host a holiday competition!

For this competition, I want you to create an outfit that shines! This means that you must create an outfit that uses GLITTER and/or METALLIC. It can be any color, but it must shine or sparkle. Keep in mind that this is a holiday comp so make sure your outfits are festive! This can range from using holiday colors to dressing up for a holiday party – the choice is yours!

You have until December 19 to submit your entry.

You may use another doll to create your outfit (just state whose doll you used).
You may create your outfit in the Starplaza.
Don't forget your Stardoll username.

Prizes will range from 50sd to 100sd depending on the number of entries.

Good luck & may the best doll win! 


'Tis the Season is out in Plaza and new Calendar gift!

Hello dolls! Stardoll recycledleased the 1st decor shop for this winter and it's 'Tis the Season.

They are all items released before and I'm not even gonna pretend I'm surprised.

Prices range between 25 and 3 sd. There are 3 starcoin items.

I think the most wanted item will be the animated snowfall(although it's rather expensive) and the Christmas tree. 

So I'm giving this release 1 star:
What do you think of this shop? Are you buying anything?

Now for the calendar:
It's a Hermés Bordeaux Croco Kelly bag! It is expensive of course, but it's suprisingly well made. 

Do you like it? Are you going to buy?


Monday, December 11, 2017

Hotbuys Faux Mink Hoop Earring released and new Calendar item!

Hello dolls, Happy Monday!!!
Ok I'm only this happy about it because the work part is over for me now :DD

I'm bringing you the latest HB released and the calendar item.

So we got the Faux Mink Hoop Earrings
They cost 10 sd and you can find them in IT Girls

Real life version on the RLV blog.

Since the earrings cannot be gifted because they are BP items, I cannot hold a giveaway for them, but I can make one for the latest Prada heels if there's need for it.

Today's calendar item is...

Saint Lucia (or Saint Lucy) was a Christian martyr of the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. According to the legend, she brought food to the christians hiding in the catacombs using a candle-lit wreath to light her way and leave her hands free to carry as much food as she can. She is celebrated on the 13th of December. Her name Lucia (from the latin 'Lux' word') means light.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wishlist Season

There's always someone with more starcoins than they know what to do with - and someone else desperately hoping for some! I'm not so sure anyone has that issue with stardollars, but who knows?

So, if you've got a wishlist filled to the brim, or a bunch of items you can never quite afford - or like me, forget to buy until it's too late - then this is your chance! Post your wishlist pic down below, along with your username. If you've never been SS, make sure to add that in! As I mentioned in the Birthday tips post, it's best to have a variety of items on your wishlist.

Gifters, please reply to the comment with the name of the item you bought/gifted. This will hopefully stop anyone from ending up with 30 of the same thing.

Bella suggested a secret Santa, and we may yet do that, but until then I think this is a nice way to help your fellow dolls out in the silly season.

Image result for wishlist stardoll

Plaza wishlists only please - this is for gifting, not sales and exchanges!


Saturday, December 9, 2017


Have you heard about Andy Warhol. Sure, but what about The Factory? Just in case you haven't, that was the hangout of all hangouts in the 60s. That's the place where the famous pop art was painted (and pretty much invented) and where Edie Sedgwick was photographed every other day. Holding a cig and with no shoes on, of course.

Today I'm showing you how to decorate a room inspired by the wild-party-at-the-factory era without spending tons of time and money at Bazaar. What does this kind of interior mean? Lots of silver and cameras, all available in Plaza!

First of all, the interior. I'm getting the Dinner at Eight, but there are a few more options! All pics are clickable.
And as for the tree, while a normal person would just buy a non-standard pine, I decided to get Krafty.  So I took a silver sculpture and heaped a bunch of Puffy Harlow Sleeves on it :D
We'll also need to add some furniture: Factory needs a velvet-y sofa for the guests to sit and a table to hold all their drinks!
Finally, it's time to decorate. Get some canvas and paint because it's an artist studio and some cameras because movies were filmed there, too. And some pop art, we're getting inspired by Warhol, after all!
I also like the idea of putting some brightly coloured details like the gifts and the cocktails and adding in even more silver with a curtain(Silver Sparkle Curtain, Kitsch), pendants and disco ball(s). The neon sign saying 'love me' is a perfect allusion to the 15 minutes of fame concept, so I added it, too. Here's what I used and what I suggest using:
And just that easy we're putting together our non-standard holiday room! I wanted it to be messy, because you have zero tie to tidy up when you're an NYC's nightlife creature.
What do you think about these ideas? What would your Warhol room look like?

HB Valentino Insp. Bracelet & Prada Insp. Heels Released!

The 3rd and 4th Hot Buys of the month have been released!

The Hot Buys Valentino Inspired Stud Bracelet has been released for 8 Stardollars (7 for Royalty) and you can find it at It Girls.

Inspired by Valentino
(Thanks to the Stardoll Inspired By blog)

The Hot Buys Prada Inspired Feather Heels have been released for 16 Stardollars (14 for Royalty)
and you can find them in RIO.

Inspired by Prada
(Thanks to the Stardoll Inspired By blog)

What do you think of the Hot Buys? Do you like them?


Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Cozy - COMP

Hello everyone.
First, I'd like to thank to all of you who submitted an entry for the first December competition.

And now, let's go forward to the second one :)

For me, this competition's theme is spot on - it's currently snowing like crazy where I live as I'm writing these lines on Friday evening.

I know that snow and cold aren't part of Christmas time for all of you living in warmer climates and in the Southern hemisphere, but they are a part of Chiristmas joy and magic for me.


- Create a cozy and stylish winter look; use warm sweaters, scarves, socks ... you get the idea, your goal is to make everyone feel warm and cozy looking at it ;) It can be created in your suite OR plaza OR scenery OR using someone else's doll (in this case, write the username of the person whose doll you are using)
- Post your look in the comments below WITH YOUR USERNAME
- Competition closes on Friday, December 15th at 23:59 CET, click HERE to see what does that mean for you :)

All five winners will be announced AFTER the last one (in January). Each person can win only once (don't worry you can enter all of them).
Each winner will get 200 SD OR 4 weeks of Superstar membership

Stay warm!

Happy Birthday whatsernam3!

So iconic, this doll made the lovely picture that is the SMW banner!

By Whatsernam3

She also clearly rocks when it comes to wearing jackets:

Visit her suite HERE and make sure to wish her a very wonderful Birthday!

Just as Jenna and all our writers put effort into making this a great blog to follow, there are also so many wonderful contributing members, who we hope to honor by making these posts on such very special days.

 Some people win, some people don't, but it's always nice to share the love. 
Gifts are not compulsory, but very much appreciated.


Weekend OOTD Theme winner and NEXT THEME!

Hello dolls! I'm announcing the winners and the next theme earlier because of the timezones and to avoid usual lateness!

Last weekend I asked you to wrap your dolls in fur and on Saturday 18 people entered. That's impressive given that only 12 entered on Sunday. Remember, the more people enter and the more active you are, there's a bigger chance of winning!

Our winners are...

The must upvotes winner is...


Our visitors have excellent taste!

She wins 25 sd.

Sharing the limelight with...
She also wins 25 sd.

Please claim your price in my GB @ashleybaby93 within a week.

And this weekend's theme is...

Space nerds like me probably are already aware that the premier of the Last Jedi is on Dec. 13 next week!

Some inspo:

What are you waiting for?  Enter!!


New MS.TQ out in Plaza!

There is a new release of Ms.Tq out in Plaza!

There are 2 new floors but it's basically 5 headpieces recoloured multiple times. Prices range between 15 and 5 sd. There are no starcoin items.

What do you think of this release? Are you buying anything?

Create a Christmas inspired beauty parlor look and win 50 sd!*

Don't forget your username
- You can use another doll but please mention it in your entry
- No editing except background
- Comp is open for a limited time only
- Price can change depending on the number of entries

Happy Weekend, dolls!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Birthday Tips - To Give & Receive

There is a lot of controversy over gift-giving, so as the current birthday post writer, I want to make it a bit easier for everyone - these are a few tips on how to make the best of the day, whether it's yours or someone else's.

First - Don't expect the world. Wishlist a variety of items with different pricepoints so that there's a greater chance someone will be willing to spend - or able to afford - what you are after. This is also good if you enter the comps on the blog, because it's much better if three people can get 10sd gifts, than for one person to get a 30sd gift. That's not to say you CAN'T add that awesome interior, just to include other things as well. And definitely don't forget to update it when you buy or receive something! Though at worst, you can always use the extras for room styles.

And don't forget, not everyone can afford to spend money on their own dolls, let alone someone elses' - even if you only get a message, that person still took time out of their day to write it, it doesn't mean they love you any less! And don't feel bad if you can't afford to buy something for some else, either.

Second - Share the love! If someone needs help, whether it's finding Thanksgiving Turkey(s,) with wishlist items, or general questions, make sure to give them a hand! What comes around, goes around, and what better a day to show appreciation for that assistance in return than on a birthday.

Third - Timing isn't everything. If you're a little late, or a little early, don't sweat it - say happy birthday anyway! Timezones are weird things, so at worst, they'll have a three-day long celebration.

See what I mean below - when it's 5pm Monday for me, it's 7pm Sunday in Alaska!

Fourth - It's all about appreciation. No one is required to give gifts, or wish you happy birthday, or write up a blog post. We all do it because you contribute, as members or writers, to this community, and we want to show that we appreciate you for that effort. We want to - not have to. Whether you receive one message or one hundred, it's because those people care about you, and want to show it in some way. Try give and up-vote, reply, or comment in return to show you've seen it! And try remember to return the favour when it's their turn, even if you can't splurge as much, anything is something.

Hopefully this helps everyone have a happier day!


New Callie's Pick out in Plaza!

There is a new collection of Callie's Picks out in plaza

 2 floor as usual and the theme is red and green, whoever the items seems really random for a Xmas theme(JLo's Versace dress for example)

Prices range between 39 and 9 sd. There are 5 starcoin items. Also not all items are displayed in the shop, check the catalogue too!

What do you think of this collection? Are you buying anything?

Create a festive outfit in the colours red and/or green and WIN 50 sd!*

- Don't forget your username
- No photo editing except background
- Comp is open for a limited time ONLY
- *Price will increase depending on the number of entries 

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