Thursday, July 28, 2016


Today is the last chance to get Alexander McQueen and you know my brain started turning thinking of a new way I could give you all a last chance to win some tribute items!

So... I came up with the LAST CHANCE CHALLENGE!

Please look at each others entries and up vote if you really like it! This will help immensely! 
Also- See other post and please vote in the 3 polls that are up! Thanks!

Create a fabulous styled outfit combining items from the remaining tributes. 

The goal is to try and use an item from all 5, but do the best you can. Minimum at least 3 tributes.

~post in comments
~please make pic large and clear
~Don't forget your stardoll name
~Must be an official follower of this blog

Winner will get a Last Chance Shopping Spree to get a few of the remaining items that are on their WL.
(I will gift random number of tribute items from your WL)

I will leave this open until August 6, 2016, 
but obviously you must enter today to qualify for McQueen.

(Multiple winners chosen)

These were the date that someone listed on USD, but I think that Fendi at least will need to be delayed so Idk.


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