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Dior inspired makeup tutorial

Hello dear readers of SMW! My name is Nimka (user N1mka4eva), and I am the newest writer for this amazing blog! I have written for SMW before a couple of times in the past and it's always been an amazing experience, big thank you to Jenna who let me come back to a place that feels like home.

Today I'm doing a little makeup tutorial. I wouldn't call it simple, I wouldn't call it exactly complicated - it's nicely in between and pretty with an edge. The makeup that I'll be teaching you today is this blue Dior makeup. It might be impossibly to recreate it perfectly but we can surely try.

Before you begin, make sure that your doll is clean of any makeup, any excess jewellery and if you have stardesign face masks just keep on whichever you want, without blocking the eye area, and take your hair off the face so you have a clear canvas.

Part 1 - Base!
The first part is so simple! It may seem unnecessary, but for me it really helps especially if you can get the makeup a little messy and need some help defining a shape. I used the blue 'Ice Princess Eye's jewellery' and put them on the eye. Adjust them to be a little smaller and so that it fits your eye perfectly for a good base shape.

Part 2 - Eyes!

This is what we're going to use for the eyes to get it that dramatic color and slightly glittery finish. In order: Transform Ice Princess blue shadow, Luxe twilight blue eye dust, Dot cobalt blue shadestick, Dot cobalt blue eyeliner. I also used the Dot cobalt blue eye pencil, not pictured.

In step 2 you begin with your lightest blue, the ice princess shadow, and put that on the whole eyelid to make a light base shade to build on. In step 3, add the twilight blue eye dust only under the eye jewellery to keep that same shape, but give it a darker and more blue color; I did 2 coats of this on each eye. In step 4 I then used the cobalt blue shadestick and again keeping the same shape and just making the eye more bold and blue. In the last step (5) for the eye makeup get your eye pencil and eyeliner and use the liner to connect the inner and outer corners so there is a seamless continuation of blue, and then use the pencil to add the last dose of BOLD.

Part 3 - Jewels! 

This is probably the most important step of all, because it gives the same effect as the Dior makeup with the jewels. I used in order: Sunny Bunny galaxy lenses, sunny bunny deep blue lenses, Splendid left and right face diamonds, epiphany sparkling diamond studs and MS.TQ diamond lenses. Remember though that you don't need to use these items, and you can use whatever you feel fits best the look and whether you want to add more or less. You'll have to make the lenses and diamonds as small as they can go to create a 'gem' type look, and it helps to shape and lay down the left and right face diamonds on the outer and the inner parts of the eye to get the same style as the original inspo pic. Go crazy with this part!

Part 4 - Brows!
I don't think that this makeup looks needs especially strong brows because of how show stopping the eyes are already and we want the focus to be on that, so I used the Transform bronze eyebrow pencil, use whichever fits your skin tone best to create a natural simple brow.

Part 5 - Lips!
Lips can be super simple, as you see in the picture the lips are a mix between pink and natural so I combined that style using: Dot golden fleece lipstick, transform pretty pastel pink lipgloss, and the transform essential pink lipgloss.

In step 8 put on only one layer coat of the golden fleece lipstick to create a natural and skin toned base so that the pinks show up even better, for step 9 put again just one coat of the pastel pink lipgloss, and in step 10 only apply the essential pink lipgloss in the middle of your lips to create a soft gradient lip, with the last step you can add a couple of layers depending how strong you want your gradient.

Part 6 - Blush!
There doesn't appear to be any blush on the inspiration model, but I always love using blush no matter how little as I really feel that it enhances a look and finishes it perfectly. I used the Dot powder pink blush above the apples of the dolls cheeks, and for the contour/cheekbones I used very little Transform Miami tan blush to give more structure to the face.

And...... Final look!

Your makeup look is complete! Add your favorite wig and a matching accessory (here I wear a wig by user Munchkin_XD and choker by user Sorigugu). By now you will be Runway ready after successfully completing your Dior inspired look, wasn't too hard, right? I hope you enjoyed this, if you liked this makeup tutorial or tried it out be sure to comment and your version will be featured in the next tutorial. And of course, you are always free to give me makeup suggestions of tutorials you'd like to see.

Until next time, Nimka <3 

PS. I also have my own stardoll makeup page, where I do makeup on stardolls headshots for events, occasions, and requests. You can check that out HERE!

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