Thursday, July 28, 2016


There were really so many great entries in this comp! There was a split decision between me and the Judges, So, I decided to split the main prize between the two.

The winners are: Girlalmighty666 (My pick)...       and.....                                      Oayes (Judges pick)

My reasons for doing this:
1. I really liked Girlamight666's entry. I thought it was very creative, unique and runway couture! Although, it didn't receive too many votes with our judges, I thought it had to be recognized. 

2. Oayes entry received the most votes with our judges, while I thought it was really beautiful... I didn't feel the two outfits were extremely different/unique like the rules stated.

Each will win a $200sd Balamin Shopping Spree! Congrats!
Please claim in comments and have items in your WL.

Honorable Mention  to: 
_-Chatte-_ - , Deafdeb, bblvghlv, MileyCyrus8642, xixlovexyouxxx, Alesialekaj1, insomnie, sarah_1980, strobarycake, Smiliuxxx, Pandypink

Each wins gift of choice ($35sd or less)

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