Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello Again! John Galliano Released and FREE Gift Opportunity!

I know this is later than I originally planned, but better late than never..right?! My life is a bit hectic at the moment. My Nana has been extremely ill and I have needed to make that my priority. Thankfully she is starting to get better and my time is freeing up bit by bit. I can't say that this will be an everyday occurrence, but we will get there if you hang with me. So... on with the post..

Stardoll has released an inspired by John Galliano Tribute Store. I really enjoy collecting the tribute stores although I only like a few of the pieces in this collection. What's your opinion, tell us below along with your favorite piece and you could be gifted it! (First 10 people/
must be in wish list)

And if you have created an outfit with any of the pieces, please share in comments and if we have enough entries, you will be entered in a poll to win $100sd or the equivalent in gifts if NS.

***Also as promised previously, once we have built up a few more members, I will still have some exclusive sales and auctions from my storage accounts.  In addition, hopefully we will still be making some changes to the blog! So stay tuned..



Kumonplus46 said...

I really liked the tribute and was able to buy 2 items. My 2 favorite items was the blue dress and green coat pose

alexnang57 said...

Sorry for the prev comment i guess i didnt really look at it before posting - it is a nice collection,not very wearable favourite piece is the asian couture coat. Username is alexbang57, Thanks for holding this jenna!

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