Friday, April 24, 2015

Think Pink Challenge winners

After 6 months it's finally time to announce the winner! Epic moment. She is...


I adored every singe detail in these outfits, I just love how well the different shades of pink looked all together! The first look is purely genius and so cute :D Congratulations! Unfortunately I had to cut down the prize to 50 stardollars and I had no clue what extra item could have been just as awesome as the old Pink Ribbon sweater, since I don't have a copy to give away, sorry. However - I found this pretty burgundy trench coat from the very old DIY Boutique, so if you don't own it yet and wish to have it, just tell me :)

Honorable mention to:

Miss.Privacy and Platinumgals

 Congrats girls, your outfits were also amazing!
Each of you wins a gift of choice worth 15 sds or less.

Please contact JEM-N-EM to claim your prizes!


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