Saturday, April 25, 2015

No goodbyes, just hello

I began blogging in 2009, and in that time I wrote for this exact blog. I never got to say goodbye when I stopped in 2011, for reasons unimportant, so maybe this is a goodbye for both times, as yes - I am leaving SMW today. Brigitte will fill you in soon as there is more info to come, but for now I just truly felt that I needed to put my voice out here.

Small Disclaimer btw: Not leaving stardoll, JUST SMW.

Blogging has always been therapeutic to me, a distraction - I would spend my days writing, checking comments, page views etc... But I just don't get that, anymore. There is no life in the blogging world anymore, and that is the truth. I was here in the beginning of stardoll and am one of the people who built it up, so you can only imagine how difficult it is for me to return to the ruins of mine and my old friends labour. Brigitte is an absolute star in the whole sense for doing this blog consistently, and I'll forever hold her dear to me.

However, I need you all to know, that this is NOT my home anymore. I do not recognise the four walls that surround me on stardoll or SMW, the new people here seem like strangers in a home I once lived in and loved. I feel so very black sheep (or should I say, white sheep) with my lack of wigs, lack of what people consider to be a 'normal' style, a lack of harshness which is needed to succeed nowadays, so it seems. You all need to know that I love you all so much. Readers of SMW, You have been loyal and beautiful. I consider myself the Guardian Angel of stardoll, and I will protect you at all costs. I shall not deny you life jackets while the ship sinks, I shall not cover your eyes with the newest Callie Picks wool sweater to make you believe everything is ok. I will continue to protect you, I will continue to love you unconditionally, I am genuine and I want to take care of you all, I will mother you from the sickness that Stardoll has become. We need to begin helping people up rather than pulling people down, despite what we do here on SMW: life is not a competition. I want to see people being themselves, not being afraid, not being driven by popularity, not being put down by others. You are your own world, so rule it. Don't be angry at me for coming back to SMW and letting you down so quickly, because I care for you people more than you could ever know and that is the hard truth. The real main reason for my leaving is that I cannot live in the past, this blog is my past, and my past does not write my future, I have been thinking about making my own blog... but for now, goodbye to SMW, and hello to the next chapter. I will leave you with a picture of an outfit I just made, hopefully it will inspire you to just be yourselves always.

Until next time,  Nimka/N1mka4eva <3


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