Monday, March 30, 2015

New Floors of Yacht Club

Two new floor of Yacht Club arrive to Starplaza. Collection is named Bahamas break, and it's beach themed. Prices range from 4 to 40 stardollars. Four items are starcoin items (the castle, the turtle, flying fish and candle). Two items are superstar only (ice bucket and bad with towel) and one royalty only (fireworks). Collection includes two interiors, day and night. 
IMPORTNANT: You can purchase items from this collection, even if you don't have Yacht suite.

My personal favorite are interiors. They're one of these interiors that can work perfectly well, even without any other items use. Therefore, if you don't like decorating your suite, they're great choice for you. When you look at floors in store, they seem overdone, with too many items thrown together. On their own, however, items look amazing. I'm sure if someone more creative used them, they'd fit togther way better. 

What are your favorite items? Do you like this collection?

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