Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chanel Glitter Makeup Tutorial

Hey dear dolls, Nimka here! 

Today I am very excited as I’m doing my first makeup tutorial for you all, where I will re-create famous runway looks to bring some high fashion fun to your beauty parlour. Today I have chosen the quite simple but SO beautiful look from Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 couture collection to start off with, which is perfect if you want to add some sparkle to your doll. Here it is backstage on a model:

So cute! Let’s get into it, shall we?!

First of all we want to make sure your doll is a clear canvas! No makeup at all, put that hair up, and another option is taking off face masks if you have them - as you can see I opted to keep mine on, but it's totally up to you!

Step 1: Lips!

For the lips we will be using these products, which are - the Dot Royal White Lipstick, Transform Lipstick in 'Peach', 
and Transform Lipgloss in 'Geisha'.

Now, you may be asking, Nimka, why are we using white?! Well a little trick I SWEAR by is putting the white lipstick in the middle of your lips, as well as on the bottom lip to add a highlight before you apply your lipstick. When this is done, apply one coat of the Peach transform lipstick so it is not completely opaque, then finally add a wash of the Geisha lipgloss to make your lips a gorgeous neutral pink.

Step 2: Eye glitter!


For the under-eye glitter line we are going to use the 'Glitter eye' from Splended. What you need to do is flip one so they fit both eyes, put them on your lower lash line, and resize/rotate to get them the perfect shape and size!

Step 3: Eye makeup!

For the eye makeup we are going to keep it simple with only 3 products. Now, as I'm a super old member I have different brand eyeliners, but the exact same ones can be purchased in Dot, and you will need both the 'Midnight Black' liquid eyeliner, and then the exact same shade but in the pencil eyeliner. Lastly we'll be needing the 'Blithe Spirit Shade Stick' from Transform.

First of all we're going to put on our black liquid eyeliner, this is a vital step so it's important to get it right. Use the liner to make a sweeping 'winged' look, we don't want to go too far so stop where the eyebrows stop and remember, it takes practice to get it neat so keep trying, it doesn't need to be perfect though - nothing is! When you've got the wing down, we're going to fill it in to match the thick line on the model, so get your black eyeliner pencil, start from the end of the wing, and draw forward - be careful not to get TOO thick as it'll look too messy and smoky, we want quite a clean line. After that just add a little of the Blithe Shade Stick on top of the eyeliner to give the eye some depth.

Step 4: Eyebrows!

The eyebrows on the model aren't bold and dark so that it doesn't overtake the stunning eye look, so that is exactly what we're going to do. I recommend using 2 shades one lighter than the other (however the shade colours are up to you and depend on skintone and hair colour). Draw with your eyebrow pencil from the beginning of the eyebrow to about the middle of the brow, then fill in the rest with the lighter shade. Easy!

Step 5 - Blush!

As the skin for this runway look is very fresh, radiant, and glowy we're going to use some simple colours, so get out your blush in 'Extra Fair' and 'Blithe Spirit' both from Transform, and sweep them over your cheeks, a few brushes of both should do as we don't want it to be too noticeable! 

TA DA! The look is complete, you now have your very own glittery chanel couture makeup look! Here it is close-up:

What do you all think, would you do this look, is it easy, or hard? I hope that you have all enjoyed this makeup tutorial as it is the first of many to come. If you re-create this look on your own doll, please comment with your username so I can check it out as 1 lucky reader will be featured in my next makeup post. Very exciting! As always you can guestbook me at N1mka4eva if you have any makeup ideas, or of course comment down below and I will try do them for you. 

Until next time, Nimka <3


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