Saturday, January 10, 2015

Interview with SMW's Most Wanted MeDoll of January 2015

Interview and cover graphic by JosephinaA (Agnes)

Agnes: Congratulations on becoming SMW's Medoll of the Month and happy new year, Nora! The postcard you created was amazing, was it too different from your real life Christmas decor?
Nora: Thanks a lot and happy new year, to you too! In my real life I'm sharing an apartment with some other people and because of the fact, that we're traveling to our families for Christmas, we don't have any Christmas decor in our apartment. But if I would have the chance to create my own Christmas decor, I'm pretty sure that it would be absolutely different each year :)

A: Let us know about you, what's your age / country and which are your hobbies?
N: I'm 21 years old and I'm from Germany. My hobbies are reading, drawing and of course going to university, I'm studying art history and that makes a lot of fun. Stardoll is not one of my main hobbies, but it's always a nice distraction.

A: What do you like the most about Stardoll?
N: I think I like most about stardoll that you can be so creative. But I think that stardoll narrows our creativity more and more. On the one hand it's amazing that there are new features like the hair design or the new DIY interior shop, but on the other hand it's getting more and more expensive. So I tried to create my own little creative stardoll-world around my doll. I like trying things out on my doll, which I couldn't try out in my real life on me, because, for example, I have no money for such great clothes and I can not dye my hair daily.

A: What is your favourite tribute shop so far?
N: I really love the Chanel Tribute stores, but I think all the tribute shops are really expensive, that's why I do not buy much of it.

A: You are a really innovative person when it comes to your outfits, do you get inspired by something in particular?
N: No, not really :) I'm trying new ideas, and if I like the results I have to share it with others.

A: If you had to choose 5 words to describe your personal style, which would they be?
N: Different, refreshing, comfortable, detailed, trendy!

A: Do you have any style crush?
N: Yeah, I really love the outfits and the style of Bonnie Strange!

A: What's your favourite section on SMW?
N: I think I speak for a lot of followers when I'm telling you, that my favourite section are the competitions. I think they really keep the blog alive and you have the chance to get feedback for your ideas. I personally like the HB Comps most, because it is very difficult and challenging to create an outfit with a piece that you do not actually think is pretty.

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