Saturday, December 6, 2014

Interview with SMW's Most Wanted MeDoll of July 2014

Here's the interview with LadyAnneLena (aka Milica) our current Medoll of the Month. Unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to post it until now, sorry for the huge delay! Be sure to read her amazing answers and get to know this sweetheart!

Interview and cover graphic by JosephinaA (Agnes)

Agnes: Hi there, Milica! You did a great job recreating an ad and making it look like it was from Riviera. How did it feel to become the SMW's Medoll of the Month back in July?
Milica: At time I won this competition, I just came back to Stardoll after a longer hiatus. I was also new to Stardoll's Most Wanted and I never won any other bigger competition. I've seen all the other entries and they were amazing, so I was not expecting to win at all. It was an amazing surprise for me.

A: Tell us a bit about the girl behind LadyAnneLena.
M: Well, the girl behind LadyAnneLena is 17 and it's her last year in high school. She loves math, flowers and hanging out with her friends.

A: How long have you been a Stardoll member? Share with us any fun fact you've experienced here!
M: I've been a Stardoll member for more than two years now. When I first started playing my doll looked terrible. First I didn't change it at all for months, and then I started changing it everyday. One time it even ended up looking like shop assistant that worked in a shop near my house.

A: What's your favorite StarPlaza shop?
M: I don't really have a favorite shop, but if I had to pick, it would be Nelly. Items from there look realistic, and like something I'd wear in real life.

A: Do you have any particular inspiration when it comes to dressing up your doll?
M: Not really. I just found an item I like and build an outfit around it. From time to time, I'll wear an outfit partly inspired by someone or something.

A: What are your hobbies?
M: I love reading books, popular ones like Divergent and Huger Games, but also less known books like Blue Bicycle. Basically any book I can find. I also love watching movies and TV shows and hanging out with my friends. I used to have one silly hobby before. I was actually collecting these little sugars you get when you order coffee or tea in restaurants.

A: How would you describe your style?
M: My real life style is very casual. I'll only wear something if I feel relaxed and cozy in it. Right now, my obsessions are my flat ankle boots, scarves and floral print shirts. On Stardoll, I like to switch between styles a lot. One day my doll will wear something formal and classy, and other day she'll be wearing soft grunge or maybe even boho.

A: You're one of the writers of Stardoll's Most Wanted, what do you enjoy the most about this blog?
M: At first, I love this blog because it was holding so many competitions. Now, my favorite thing about it are not competitions, but people who visit it and other people who write for it. Also you can express your opinion there, and that's something I like.

A: Which three celebs would you personally choose to make a "Get a Look" post right now?
M: That's a hard question. I'd probably pick Holland Roden, since I love her style and she's one of my favorite actresses and Teen Wolf is my favorite TV show. Then I'd pick Colton Haynes or Daniel Sharman, not so much because of their style, more because of the fact I love them. And last, but not least, I'd chose Adelaide Kane, another actress from Teen Wolf and Reign. Now you see why I let others suggest celebrities for my articles. If I was picking we'd be having Teen Wolf cast in every single post.

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