Monday, December 22, 2014


Three days of fashion challenges, three days of winners. 
Every day you will be required to complete a different challenge teamed up with another member. 

40-40 sd prize given out for each day!

You must compete in all three days or you will not qualify to win.


In this task, imagine with your partner that YOU are celebrity best friends. Update: this doesn't mean that the task is to copy celebrities, just BE YOURSELF and choose ANY style you prefer.

You have to create matching outfits that you both think YOU would wear on the street if your steps were being chased by photographers all the time - which means you have to look flawless! The outfits must coordinate in colors, patterns and style.

Don't use the same items if it's not necessary! I'm curious how you can match your outfits with different clothes. Try the contrast of jeans and skirts, heels and flats, shoulder bag and handbag etc.

I've included some famous best friends to INSPIRE you:

 Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss
Their style: casual and comfortable, clean shapes, sophisticated colors with vivid details

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen
Their style: girly mix and match, vivid colors, playful patterns, lots of accessories (hat, necklace etc.)

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne
Their style: monochrome, minimalist, simple shapes, luxurious details, influence of Chanel

Deadline extended!
All challenges must be completed by Midnight, January 4 (Sunday) USA EST

NO PHOTO EDITING ALLOWED (other than background)

Please remember:
~ can be created in Starplaza
~ You both must be followers of this blog and members of the club Hotbuys_Bazaar.
~ You must be signed in to Disqus. Guests won't be accepted.
~ Screen print must be large and clear. Please crop to show only your entry.
~ Post pic in comments, I will not view links.
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ No cheating by entering more than once under other accounts and/or copying other peoples entries. 

~ Be creative AND stylish

Next challenge will be posted on Wednesday!

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