Monday, October 27, 2014


 The final recap of this season!

I have to start this post saying goodbye to one of my all time favourite designers.
Can't believe only one month ago I was making the review of his perfect fashion show in NYFW...

R. I. P. Oscar de la Renta

Saint Laurent
If I could go back to the 70's, I'd love to bring these outfits with me!
Turbans are a big yes for me. And even though I really like oversized scarfs, these are perfect. No need to mention those flawless heels, right?

This is one of the shows I'm sure I'll be watching over and over again. I love the way Karl managed to gather a protest and a (brilliant) collection. He came back to Chanel roots, with the streets as its main inspiration and objective at the same time. You need to watch the video!

So hard to pick my favourites from this collection! I love all those dresses, and the sandals are just perfect. Crochet, transparencies, oriental and tribal prints are a must!

Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton kept the bling bling and the oversized sleeves we already know. Not a huge fan of those face masks, but know I feel like getting more kimonos!

Louis Vuitton
70's, repeat after me! I knew that decade and LV would get along really well...

Miu Miu
Rolled up sleeves, leather, panel jackets... and crop tops! I NEED those bags.

Simplicity and long lengths. Love those sandals and the coats!

Which ones do you like?


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