Monday, October 27, 2014

New shop: Bod Mod Horror

As Noelani promised in her #asknoelani video, week of Halloween started on Stardoll. The new shop is called Bod Mod Horror. You can buy multiple costumes there, including werewolf, vampire, zombie and a ghost. There are four items that are only for superstars. Four items are starcoin items (doll arms and werewolf legs, ghost's crown and siren's ear). Rest of the prices range from 4 to 28 stardollars.

As you may see the shop includes wigs (that go to your suite), facemask (that go to your beauty parlor), clothes and interior. Few items are even posed (like vampire's arms, siren's tail, demon's arms).

My personal favorite is the ghost dress. Just take a look at these arms. I also like the werewolf costume a little bit, mostly because I'm a Teen Wolf fan. What are your favorite items? Will you be buying? Is your doll wearing anything special this Halloween?

Is Halloween celebrated where you live? If yes, what will be your costume this year?

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