Friday, October 31, 2014

New Floor of Furry Friends

One more Halloween shop is out on Stardoll. This  time we got cute puppies, kittens and other animals ready for Halloween. Some of the pets are inspired by famous movies, as Harry Potter pug, Princes Leia pug, Betman pug, Darth Vader pug, Dracula Headgehog and even a Yeti pug. There are two new floors of Furry Friends. All the items are being sold for stardollars and the prices range from 9 to 26 stardollars. Some of the items are even animated, like Darth Laser Pug, Lady Lurk and Spidey Le Frenchie.

Personally I find them super cute. I think I'll be buying some, even tho they're all sold for stardollars.
Which are your favorites? Will you be buying?


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