Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Update and Social Media News

Hi everyone,

I am officially back and will start catching up on all the comps/prizes ASAP. Thanks so much to Brigitte and LadyAnneLena for doing such a wonderful job keeping the blog updated and rolling. I know it is not an easy job! Thanks also to all of you for your patience and loyalty :)))

Social Media News:
I am also going to start utilizing Facebook and Instagram a lot more for the blog, so please be sure to follow me there as well! Who knows there maybe special prizes only offered on those platforms!

Click HERE

Click HERE


dodomatrix said...

Welcome back...Jenna
i wil follow these links....

prettyamy04 said...

Welcome back Jenna :) hope you had lovely summer holidays :D thank you for the update x

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

Awesome im glad you r back!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! ^-^

Kavina said...

YAY! You're back! :)

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Green_Eye_Angel said...

Welcome back, Jenna! I'm looking forward to seeing more of SMW in the Social media. (Which reminds me that I have to crate an Facebook page)

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