Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A lot of news today! There are shop spoilers, free furby, free Book of Live items, free shirt and new stardesign item. Check under the cut to see all of them.


There are new spoilers of clothing. It's probably Original Future. There are also few clothing items for boys, which is amazing. Lately Stardoll has finally started including few male outfits in the new collections. Do you like any of the items?
Special credit to underneathstardoll for spoilers.


Furbys are on Stardoll again. This time they come with extra rainbows and crystals.If you want to get free furby go here and make a scenery to enter the competition. It's only for UK, and if you're from somewhere else, you can only get it by using manual proxy.
Personally I'm scared of furbys and when Stardoll sent us mail today telling about new Furbys I was like not Furbys again. However, I remember seeing them in the bunch of suites when I first started playing Stardoll. Do you find them cute or scary? 


If you're from USA, you can now get all these Book of Live free items just for logging in. Pig was available few days ago as well, but now you can also get the hat, the guitar and two girls. Personally I find the hat funny, so it's worth getting. If you're not from USA, you can get them by using web proxy, also by just logging in.

If you're from USA, you can also get this shirt by just logging in. If you're from somewhere else you can get it by web proxy, also by just logging in. Personally I think that the shape is fine and nice, but I don't like the thing written on it, nor the color.


New stardesign shirt is also there. It costs 9 stardollars. Personally I like the shape and think it's nice, but the price is little bit high. Do you like it? Did you make some new designs?



Juliette116 said...

I want this Prada coat so much!

xXxmalexXx stardoll name said...

That stardesign t-shirt is overpriced :(

JosephinaA said...

I love those spoilers *.* but the crop top is way too expensive!

JanaStarlite said...

The cropped Tee is too expensive, I agree. But I do like it!
I never got into the Furbys. Not just because I'd have to use a manual proxy to get them. I'm just too old for them I guess.

As for the spoilers, I only like the tiny blue dress on the second floor/picture. Nothing new to me.

Anonymous said...

Love the spoilers! :o

📖📚 ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬ📚📖 said...

I really like some of the spoilers, but I think that they may be something bigger than Original Future. We haven't had a new Antidote for quite a while.

amy235 said...

I love the new Stardesign crop top :) I really like the style!

Kavina said...

Cant wait until the new original future!!!

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