Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fashion Diaries

Hi, guys! This is Agnes, JosephinaA in Stardoll for those who didn't know! 

Tomorrow a big day in the fashion industry is coming up... yes, I'm talking about fashion week (YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!). It's that time of the year when new trends are decided again, and that involves our Dolly world too. I'll keep you updated with some recaps of what's seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2015.

First will go New York Fashion Week with Rebecca Minkoff, Mara Hoffman, Hervé Léger, DKNY and Vivienne Tam among others. But before that, let's look back at some Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to wear creations to get in the mood...
Alexander McQueen in red, blue, black, white and some hot pink.
Rocking PU for skater skirt dresses and pants. We all know
that McQueen is all about the shape!
See full collection here.

Burberry Prorsum recreates its classic design adding ombré and transparencies.
Mid length bodycon skirts with all kind of textures,
V-necks and earth tones for the win.
Check it out here.

 Elie Saab goes for a sweet look with florals, white,
pastels and full length breathtaking dresses.
See full collection here.

Oscar de la Renta and those gowns... no description needed, right?
See full collection here.

We are officially in serious need of some Rebecca Minkoff in our wardrobes.
Check it out here.

Our beloved DKNY's pre collection is full of textures, pastels,
white and black. And creepers. Lots of creepers. Stardoll, did you hear that?
Take a look here.

Moschino redefines sporty chic with glitter hats, oversize tees and funny messages.
By the way, look at that hair! Cool, uh?
See the collection here.

Miu Miu bets on embroidery, playing with prints and the navy blue / green combination.
Check it out here.

Ok, so I really had to show you this. Valentino pre collection has everything.
From camo prints, floral prints, embroidery, colorblock
and those colorful prints. Here it is.

Which ones caught your attention?
Anything you would like to Stardollize?



JanaStarlite said...

Love the McQueen, Elie Saab, and Oscar de la Renta!! Thanks so much for sharing these.

Lady Miss Lahurina said...

Thanks for sharing,my faves are Burberry&McQueen,but Miu Miu&de la Renta are not that bad iether :)

dodomatrix said...

Amazing collection.....thank you

LadyAnneLena said...

Amazing post Agnes. You did a great job.
My favorites are DKNY, I'm in love with their simple jackets. The one on the first photo you showed is my favorite. I'm hoping that Stardoll might make something like that. I don't like creepers, tho. They're just not something I'd wear in real life, or on Stardoll.
And other favorite is Elie Saab with her amazing gowns. I love their soft colors.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! My favorites are Moschino, McQueen and Elie Saab. I hope stardoll makes some stuff like this! c:

xXxmalexXx stardoll name said...

DKNY and Moschino my favorite so far. I love gowns too but when would/will i wear it ??? These 2 are funny, fashionable and look comfortable :)

Btw. i love this post :D

JosephinaA said...

Aww thank you ♥
I really love DKNY too, that collection is flawless!

JosephinaA said...

Glad you liked it hehe
Well, maybe not from pre spring/summer, but I'm sure that they'll do something from the next shows I'm going to recap :)

JosephinaA said...

Thanks! You're right, I would only wear them if I was going to the Oscars or something like that, which is not gonna happen anytime soon xD
It's a bit alike, but I think Staz Lindes is waaay prettier hehe

Jillian - Liljsweetie said...

Love these! Elie Saab is perfect! Such a perfect post honestly. Moschino shirt was AWESOME! and yes, the hair is perfect! (If only my hair in RL would do this!) haha I'm such a sucker for all the jackets as well - sweaters, jackets, all of it. I wear them all the time because they always add something to an outfit, terrible habit! XD But it's so much fun! <3 Also in love with Burberry everything <3 hahaha

Stardoll make these happen XD

Rob Bentz said...

Loved i want all

mirdith said...

Oh God! I love this section!!! :)
My favorites have been DKNY, Moschino and Valentino. I would stardollize the DKNY pink pastel long coat and the varsity jacket from DKNY too x

Juliette116 said...

Haha. I've been waiting for fashion weeks so long. I love watching all this shows online. This year I have much more time now, so I hope to see most of my favorites live online. And the ones I want to see the most are DKNY, Marc Jacobs (both), Burberry, Givenchy, Prada, Miu Miu and Valentino, but Im sure there'll be some other which I'd love more, as always. Also I'm very curious about Moschino show, previous collection was so huge surprise and I want to see is new one'll be so original too.
From the pre ss ones I'd love to see on stardoll Miu Miu and Moschino, but please stardoll don't make them look ugly.

JosephinaA said...

Yes, yes and yes! Stardoll, do it!

JosephinaA said...

Same here *.*

JosephinaA said...

You're like me then! I will def see them all! I look forward all those you said and some more like Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Prabal Gurung...

Vanessa ☯ said...

Yay fashion week!

The ones that I liked are Rebecca Minkoff, DKNY, Moschino! I'm with you on the creepers xD

Pinklovelemons said...

Love the fashion post btw the hotbuys floral mania tee is released ;3

JosephinaA said...

Yaaaaay! xD

Juliette116 said...

Yeah, this brands you named too... I think I'll watch all I can as I've done last season. :)

Modmayhem said...

I adore the Ellie Saab collection! So amazing!

Sapphire.Corele said... week!! :)

Kavina said...

I like those Elie Saab dresses :)

you.sra612 said...

I would like the DKNY and Valentino collections to be stardollized with that Moschino hair in tress up. looking forward to your up-coming fashion week posts!

sybff said...

wow DKNY & moschino... Would love these clothes on stardoll

Green_Eye_Angel said...

This post makes me wanna cry! Everything in this selection is so perfect!

It's Me! said...

Loved it ♥ Haha, It's Awesome :) I really Loved it!

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