Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Callie's Picks coming tomorrow

Stardoll just posted this spoiler on Instagram. All of these items are previous HotBuys, I'm already afraid to see the rest as always :D
I guess it will be some kind of sporty or 80s inspired theme this time. What do you think?



andreababy05 said...

i hate calle's pick ,some girls are collectors (i used to) and its not fair i think

*off topic* girls help me , you know how much they worth ? :(

sdoreymenano said...

And the puma sneakers were re-released at HB summer retro at August2013 too!

popmaker/Kavina said...

Why??? ;(

mailgirl101 said...

No,... I hope this is a bad dream. I hate this so much. Honestly, there are pieces I'd like to get for myself but not re-labeled. How can stardoll even think that this is fair? I wonder how many people actually like this store, it'd be interesting to see a poll.

zhan-zhan said...

stardoll is fair enough ,,, its just how they want ;;;

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