Thursday, April 17, 2014

TRESS UP HAIR POLL- Who wore it better?

Well not as many as we are use to, but its a good start. Spread the word. People don't know about us and unfortunately they seem to think USD is the only legitimate contest blog. Well I will do my best to change that as we were one of the first big contest blogs. So, help anyway you can as its hard to do big contests without people. I had a couple in mind for Easter, but we need the people first :)

So, back to business! Who do you think wore it better? Vote below and tell your friends to vote for you.
Winner gets $50sd. Poll closes 4/24/14



jackjailer said...

some of these looks are killing it! still hoping i can win though!! good luck everyone

anaKonda said... one really stands out, imo...the new wigs don't do any favours either - they r awful!
Still my vote goes for jackjailer, I like the whole black, alternative look :)

Mailgirl101 said...

--Wow, it's been... years! So glad and amazed to see this blog rise back up from the... the... hiatus, I guess.--

Besides that, I like jackjailer's look. So yeah, there goes my vote.

ItzADollzLife-Marisa said...

Poohg_1993 is rocking that hairstyle love it! ♥

Smiliuxxx said...

So many good outfits!

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