Friday, December 28, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: stardoll next top graphic designer

The thing that amazed me the most while I was on stardoll was the talent. Everyone had great ideas and everyone was eager to make it in here. I do believe that is a quality but too much eagerness made people do anything to get what they want. I am mumbling now. The point is, does stardoll still have that sparkle? I think somehow it is lost. Sure there are very interresting projects but there isn't the engagement that I remember from the followers. I have selected what it seems to be the most interresting project at the moment. Though I haven't searched much this project instantly caught my eye. Perhaps you have heard of stardoll next top graphic designer?
As you probably have understood by now it is a competition to choose the best designer. Graphics are the skill that surprises everyone the most. We all like stardoll magazines because of the graphics- it's a fact. I have seen all the tasks from all the cycles. I am hooked. I think that this contest improves the contestant's skills. You can clearly see an improvement in all contestants. There is now a new cycle starting so you better start following it. Everyone there is very talented but they just need to manage their skills in a more effecient way. They need guidance. If and when they get it they will be able to make the things we did in the past. I just hope some one helps them. Congratulations on this great idea and on the effort to keep it going Kimberly. You are doing a very good job! Same to do contestants.


Northern Style Exposure said...

Love the last two!

Pizza stealer. said...

luv all of those!

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