Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lottery Info & Changes.

Hello SMW readers. I bring some bad news. Sorry for not posting the winners today, but I will definitely post them tomorrow! I've been so busy in real life, and I'm sorry for that. Another thing - The lottery will not start on Sunday, but on FRIDAY. Please remember that!! No tickets will be sold tomorrow. I hope you all bare with me and I hope you can accept these changes. What do you think of them? Did you like the older rules better? Ideas for prizes in the next lottery? Let me know in the comments!



5purpleprincess said...

First comment

It doesnt matter!
I have some ideas for prizes
*superstar code


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 5purpleprincess it really doesn't matter, real life is WAY more important then stardoll, and it will stay that way :)

niki-chick said...


5purpleprincess said...

Thankyou it doesnt affect our real life so it doesnt matter!
The results get posted tomorrow anyway!
No point kicking up a fuss!
Thankyou for backing me up girls!


♥ Cata.marquesa said...

I agree with 5purpleprincess and Ally :)
Stardoll is just for fun, our real life is way important then something unreal

And I'm glad Stardoll Most Wanted keep being active as before ^^

Anonymous said...

It doest matter! And prizes, I really like if it is rares!

NataCa... etC apLa said...

I agree with all that they were said... our RL is much more important than sD, so it doesn't matter at all (: and also i'm glad the blog is still active after everything happened here.. =D

xxx natasaGranger on sD ^.^

Lolly140 said...

Thats okay don't worry about it - real life comes first before virtual

evermore1girl said...

Thanks for sharing

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