Sunday, September 4, 2011


(Well, sort of! And yes, that's the Taylor Swift font in white :D Lol)

In Sarah's suggestion post, other posts (and my guestbook too!) a lot of you commented saying you wanted to see some new writers on SMW. This blog still rightfully belongs to Jenna, so makeovers, adding writers etc isn't really under the control of anyone else on the blog, even admins. BUT I used Underneath Stardoll's (so credit to them for some of the idea) blog "The Voice" to come up with an idea that means you sort of write for this blog!

Every week, from Monday to Friday, you post on the new blog. So what's the new blog? Stardoll's Most Wanted: You Write. Post anything on here related to Stardoll. (It can be controversial issues (MSW, CG etc), reviews but NO gossip and definitely NO elitist posting please...that's so PSG style! Lol) Then, on Saturday, myself and the writers will choose the top 5. You vote for the top two, and they win and get their posts on SMW.

Weekly Schedule: (How it works)

Monday - Friday:
Post on the blog! The posts are limited to two per week per person to prevent overposting.

We find our favourites.

Final winners are decided and [perhaps] announced.


 Become a public follower of [this blog and] Send your email to or send it me via dollmail if you are on my friends list. If you are sending it via email then please include your Stardoll name and Blogger ID. If you are sending via dollmail, include your Blogger ID. If you don't want to give me your blogger email then make one for Stardoll and send me that one, I will send the request there.  I will then add you to the blog, and you are free to post. However, before you take part, you must sign the rules page on the blog.

 The winning post will be posted on to Stardoll's Most Wanted, and you will receive $25sd (or the equivalent in Starcoins/gifts) as a small token. You will also have a picture on the sidebar with a link to your page. You will be removed from the blog for 2 weeks to give others a chance. (If I don't add you after 2 weeks, a polite reminder helps :P)

Please read the rules before agreeing to take part.

***I am the only admin on the blog so your email safety is guaranteed.***
(Current SMW writers can participate but their posts will not be posted on the blog.)

Click here to visit the blog.

This isn't the same as getting new writers, but Jenna still owns the blog and it's the next best thing I could think of. If you don't like the idea save your fingers and just don't comment. I want to get followers more involved, because, like Sarah said, this isn't 2009 and people have gotten more busy in real life. So it's something new for everyone to try.


Post questions in my Guestbook (PwincessSara), I'll probably respond faster.  

If Media Partners could post this I'd be amazingly grateful! (You don't have to as I'm not the owner of this blog :P) 
And everybody else, too! If you could spread the word, I'd be so grateful!


Glam.Diamond said...

Wouw! What an idea!
Definitely mind blowing..
Just one question:: Write about what exactly?

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Amzaing idea! i'll aply right now!! :)

blueberry-dream said...


This should be interesting :D

5purpleprincess said...

Wow i cant wait i am applying straight away!

@Glam.Diamond i think we are aloud to write about anything !

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Anything Stardoll/fashion related :D

5purpleprincess said...

how to i make a banner can anyone tell me?

Anonymous said...

This is a bullshit idea. Bitch.

use paint or gimp or photoshop.

Anonymous said...

great ill apply!

evermore1girl said...

Wow! Great idea and good luck everyone who tries out...

Anonymous said...

That idea is similar to Underneath stardoll idea. They made a blog The Voice and there readers writes too.

Lolly140 said...

Awesome idea i am so applying :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

@Anonymous #2:
I know I have given them credit for it, first paragraph: BUT I used Underneath Stardoll's (so credit to them for some of the idea) blog "The Voice" to come up with an idea that means you sort of write for this blog!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

@Anonymous #1:
I'm scared(!) Seriously, my life's not all flowers and perfume atm, it's a wonder I'm around on SD with everything going on, as SMW nor SD are still a priority but I post anyways so Jenna comes back to a blog that, whilst not as active, is still hers and it's good for her to know people still care about it. But if you don't have anything helpful to say, just leave. Seriously. Because you do not want to get on my bad side right now :/

EvilyFabuluz said...

join my blog plz idc if u vote me msw u can if u want my stardoll is evilbrat2

.emma.x. said...

Really good idea, I hope that from this SMW will become more active. :)

5purpleprincess said...

This is so cool and a great opppurtunity!

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