Thursday, August 4, 2011

Listen up!! :)

So I've been thinking for a while of leaving Stardoll. I tried become more active, but it just isn't working. I've been pushing it back but I think it's time I did leave. This isn't a farewell post! I won't be leaving until Jenna gets back for the moment...might change depending on when school starts. 


On my account, I've got a bunch of Chanel clothing and other Tribute stores along with LE and Antidote--admittedly, not a lot--to go with some HB's, which aren't really very rare.I don't want to just leave them on my account, so I was thinking, would you guys like to see a return of The Stardoll Lottery?

I'm going to try and get in touch with Larsa or Isabel but otherwise I was thinking it might be a fun way for me to get rid of my vote in the poll.

And note that I'm not leaving atm!

Note that none of the prizes are rare..I'm not in to collecting(; They're all pretty recent, but if you want to take part vote in the poll above please :]



Lolly140 said...

I would love to see the return of it but i don't have much money at the moment so i would need to start saving up. Please don't leave !!

AinnaB said...

don't leave :/ but still would like to win some clothes :)

red.girll said...

i would really like a chanel dress..i always wanted:( but i do not have money to buy tickets for loterry:(

Rf17 said...

:) YES i hope the lottery comes back! Dont Leave when Jenna comes back

evermore1girl said...

I would love the return of it. I think Larsa got deleted though and she is using her sisters account.

I am not sure about Isabel.

Ladyletshavefun said...

DONT leave! >:I If it is a fun to u then do it! ^_^ I would be happy if i win one piece...anything! :D Its the feeling I want that I won! =DD

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are either leaving or abandon their accounts. I think you should take a break like a lot of people do & if SD still doesn't interest you then leave. Take a break like most of us & don't give out your items. The lottery & giving out items makes people greedier I don't like it.

iluvladygaga1 said...

I would love this! Except ppl should probably not buy more than one ticket because it would not be fair for ppl with less money.
p.s OMG My name is Isabel!:D

Anonymous said...

Leave quietly like most people, not like others who make a big deal out of nothing. There are so many things we do that keep us entertained apart from stardoll, just make sure you don't delete your account, change your mind & then make another later, be sure it's what you want. I hope you lose your interest for football as well lol.

natasha-rox286 said...

lottery would sound awesome
i remember it
don't leave

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I will NEVER lose my interest for football! :O How could you even suggest that??????

And I'll leave quietly. When Jenna comes back and I feel it's finally time, I'll tell her'll never hear from me again... xD

Anonymous said...

what do u mean "pay"? we have to pay money for a ticket? and what are the chances that we will win?

chocolatedog101 said...

dont leave!!! ill jiss you! when is jenna getting back? love the lottery idea, tough

funnyjojogirl said...

I'm sorry that isn't working for you!<3
but I would love the return of the lottery!

Anonymous said...

Sara dear, i completely agree with anon 1, and yes, you probably should take a break from stardoll for a while.

And of course, people would do anything, i mean ANYTHING to get your items and i hate to see that.

- kukipopoi


Anonymous said...

Give yourself a timeout, I give myself 6-12 months timeout (break) on hobbies I would never give up. Time outs makes you miss hobbies & want them more & also gives opportunity to try new things.

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