Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kharma Fashion Week.

Fashion weeks all over the world will start within one month, and so will this one, hopefully. If you have any project (Magazine, clothing line, bazar line.) you want to be in it contact me.

STARDOLL: brunoexclusive

SKYPE: brunospt

This fashion week was mostly to show Kharma lines but now it's open to everyone.



Vicky Jazz said...

This is sooo like Stardoll Fashion Week. Wtf?

Bruno/Brunoexclusive said...

Although where is stardoll fashion week? There are many fashion weeks in the world why can't sd have 2?

Maria/Alcullen- ♥ said...

You can visit my nue MSW's blog? We have prizes and more! MSWSOURCE.BLOGSPOT.COM

Anonymous said...

Just like SFW much?? :/ copying much?

Miss_Amanda_98 said...

My album has my new clothes.... along with pics on my blog

Anonymous said...

epic fail bruno.
and this aint fair.
you only post to advertise your projects. self-centred much?
going to ask sara to remove your post. you're a fail here. unwanted. unloved. bye.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I think everybody's being a bit harsh. The only way Stardoll projects become a success is if people back them. I don't see anything wrong in having 2 fashion weeks. I'm looking forward to both of them, and interested in seeing how they're the same and also different.

I'm probably going to sound extremely bitchy when I say this, but I have to agree with the Anon above me in the sense that you posted after f o r e v e r and it was simply to advertise your own project--which writers aren't allowed to do anyway. But I won't delete the post, simply because I'm not the owner so that's not my job, tbh.

Good Luck. The thing is, you have to understand your project's going to receive harsh criticism and feedback as people will feel it just copied SFW. As you can see from above. I know you're 2 different projects, but there was no need to slam SFW the way you did by saying "Although where is stardoll fashion week?" For all you know, they could be working their backsides off organising it so people can apply. You shouldn't judge. That could be exactly what people'll say about your project in a few years.

But Good Luck. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh/cruel/like a b***h.

evermore1girl said...

Awh I am reminded of Linus. I miss him and this amazing line. Good idea, I think it is maybe quite close to the other fashion week. If you both alternated it would be amazing and give more chance to lines.

Anonymous said...

When someone comes up with something we all say they copied, how many stardoll blogs are there & who copied who & who was the first to make a stardoll blog? The same question goes to fashion lines, magazines etc. Even some suites look alike because the furniture & interiors are the same yet people say don't copy. Do what you want to do.

Anonymous said...

Even though you're right Sara about about him not posting for a while, why didn't you tell others off as well who recently posted about themselves or their projects?

Lolly140 said...

Yes they may have took idea from SFW but still this is a great chance to show users talents on stardoll who have not yet cam around to our knowledge. I personally can't wait to see what collections they have on show so instead of being harsh and nasty its better to just appreciate the hard work of others :)

To_Royal said...

All I am going to say is that this blog copied (or had the same concept) another blog called 'Hot Buys Bazaar' and was the exact name of the blog before Jenna changed the name (not the url, look for yourself)
But that was a long time ago, so everyone forgot :P

Miss_Amanda_98 said...

Well im not a SS so i cant advertise on stardoll. And alot of you think wanting people to see your clothes is b****y by posting about it. So i would say F*** you!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Actually, Jenna changed the blog name because the blog wasn't just about HB's anymore :P It was something like that anyways lol

PwincessSara/Sara said...

@Anon who asked why I haven't told writers off:
Because no other writers have :/ Mel is allowed to as that's her posting segment on the blog, and I wasn't telling him off. And I have said things to other writers posting irrelevant posts, so do not judge me. Ever.

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