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Fashion Diaries: Competition! Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin and Asos

This week, Stardoll Fashion Week is finally here! And items from the Spring Collection 2011 seem to release with it! So this week is totally special for the fashion world (:
And I thought, why not making a competition in here?
Wouldn't it be amazing?
Well, all you have to do is check out the items that I'm gonna put in here that you can find in stardoll (RC dress and CL boots) and then make an outfit and take a screenprint (it can be in the StarPlaza), upload it to or and paste the link in comments. Put your stardoll Username!
The best ones will be chosen and put in a poll where you'll chose the winners!
The only thing you have to do is be a follower of this blog and join! (If you win I'll check your Blogger Profile, if SMW doesn't figure in there, you won't get the prize)
The best outfit will be posted in here and he/she will have a modelling position for the next issue of Red Lips Magazine and if he/she is superstar, he/she is gonna get money to buy the Asos dress (it's not released yet).
The two following best outfits will be posted in here too.
The competition will be opened until April 1st!

The first item is this black and white dress from Roberto Cavalli!

Real Version
Stardoll Version thanks to the Spoilers finder in SMW
All I have to say is that we're so lucky to have Roberto Cavalli items in here! Now you can understand why does it cost 17 stardollars in the RIO's shop! I'm sure it costs a lot in real life... Even celebrities wear it! Here are some of the last ones I'm sure you know.
Miley Cyrus Beaded Dress from Roberto Cavalli Miley Cyrus Looks Glamourous in Roberto Cavalli at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Photos
Miley Cyrus in the 53rd Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift for RC spring 2011 Ad.
And here's the spring 2011 Runway... Isn't it amazing? It's really edgy and full of animal prints!

The second item are these Christian Louboutin shoes! He's one of my favourite shoes designers ever! 
Stardoll adapted it to color brown, and I think it looks better.

Christian Louboutin Boots Real Version / Copy Real Version

Stardoll Version thanks to Spoilers finder in SMW
So I checked out the Spring 2011 Collection and look what I found... It's so colorful and cute!
christian louboutin spring-summer 2011 shoes collection
christian louboutin spring 2011 shoes collection
christian louboutin summer 2011 collection

And here some items from the fall collection that are to die for!
Which are your favourites??

The last item is this ASOS striped dress absolutely inspired in Prada 2011 spring collection!

Stardoll Version
Real Version
Summer Capaign 2011!
Prada bets on color blocks and stripes on stripes and it was REALLY accepted by all the fashion victims.

Eva Mendes

What do you like?
Which ones are you gonna buy?
Don't forget to join the contest!!

Agnes Chimère aka JosephinaA


vennesa4eva said...

First comment and omigod I love some of the shoes and hdresses this competition is really cool I'll enter later! I love fashion week

Rhona / RhonaCrowley said...

I love them :D

Maddy2981 said...

It sounds great!

romela1998 said...

MY ouffit with dress:
with shoes:
thnx i am romela1998

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Shoes are GORGE!
If anyone has the dress, lemme know I wanna participate!

Fairydew said...

Hope you like it! ♥

Fairydew said...

Do we have to do the 2 dressed and the boots or we can choose? Coz I chose the boots =/

Maddy2981 said...

I`m in! (:
My nickname: Maddy2981

Outfit with the dress:

Outfit with the boots:

Good luck to everyone!

Lolly140 said...

My Entry with dress :



P.S I love the Spring and Fall Louboutins! :)

Anonymous said...

@Fairydrew You can do both or just one, so your entry is okay (:
@PwincessSara You can participate even if you don't have it, just take a screenprint in the StarBazaar.

evermore1girl said...

Oh the green and yellow last dress was so popular and it is easy to see why. its stunning. I better work on my outfit =]...

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

I love the shoes.

Pikandchew13 said...

Im gunna enter!


good luck everyone! (my stardoll name is Pikandchew)

dieBrInI06 said...


mojonik said...

i love the blue one!

miley said...

cool, i love Taylor Swift outfit but i can't find them in Stardoll!!

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Those. Are. Stunning.
I'm for sure gonna join the comp. :P

jennyarther said...

sd name: jennyarther
pic wth dress :
pic with boots ;

Rhona / RhonaCrowley said...

medina1717 said...

those shoes by Christian Louboutin are absolutely beautiful!
User: Medina1717

Kim Kardashian said...

My Username Is KimKardashian
Shoes :

Tay_Tay5523 said...

I love the dress's and the shoes! Their so cute!
Here are my entries:



P.s My stardoll name is Weisswurst!

Good luck to everyone else!!

GoldenHeart Threads said...

The dress is interesting and the boots are cool. Here are my entries:


Thank you for holding this comp!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I love your posts!

Nalco said...

I'm IN:




candy_blossom said...


candy_blossom said...

my stradoll username is candy_blossom

candy_blossom said...

my stradoll username is candy_blossom

Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

I LOVE Taylor's outfit so cute :)

lindamissanto said...

here it's my entry:
username: lindamissanto
good luck to all :)

Starlett24 said...

Roberto Cavalli Boots Real Version? You mean Christian Louboutin

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I love the black sparkly boots, and also the outfit Taylor Swift is wearing. It reminds me of spring, I love spring fashion. It's my favourite of all seasons.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mini_12_5 said...

I love that oufits. :))

For competition



xx, mini_12_5

Anonymous said...

I made my outfit with RC dress and this is my entry:

My nickname on Stardoll is: Rubycarminella

Anonymous said...

@miley they're not in Stardoll yet, if they were I'd put the Stardoll Version (:
@Starlett24 Yes, I messed it when I was typing. Thanks for telling me, just changed it (:

mini_12_5 said...

For competition #2

Entry #2 (shoes)



LadyLara08 said...

Here's my entry:

my stardoll username is LadyLara08

LiZzY1414 said...

Hi! This competition sounds really cool so I just had to join it!

Thank you<3

mojonik said...

stardoll name: Mojonik

url with dress:

url with shoes:


iloveanimals28 said...

I am not gonna enter, but I really love some of those shoes you posted!

DDevil said...

Hi there!
My username is DDevil_666
Here's my outfit with the dress:
And here, the outfit with the boots:
Hope you like it!

Tay_Tay5523 said...

Thank you! :]

phoebe/lemy100 said...

Awesome :D

superstar4eva12 said...

Those shoes are absolutely to die for! Christian Louboutin is most definitely my all time favorite shoe designer. I wish Stardoll would make more of his shoes!

juicy-much said...

I love the shoes!

Anyway, this is my entry for the shoes:

It is a bit different from the others, I wanted to stand out ;D

Sarah/DivaMiley1992 said...

I love them ;D but...I don't have the time to enter the comp. sorry ;( I will totally buy the Asos dress ;DD *_______*

alex_brate said...

Hey hey,...
here is mine with shoes:

and with dress:

I relly hope u like it. I'm follower of this club but with twitter not with google account.
My stardoll name is alex_brate

♥Petra/Shakira_Avril said...

love them ^^

sebastian said...

with heels i like the ``HIGHHEELS`` but the shoes with 1or 2 cm are ugly

she851518 said...

You have really great work on fashion, I have also some collection on the spring fashion I hope you like it

miss.privacy said...

heres my entry for the fringe boots:

my fav foto is taylor swift for cavalli spring, luv that look.

Anonymous said...

I made my outfit with RC dress and this is my definitive entry:

My nickname on Stardoll is: Rubycarminella

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