Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello everyone (:

What do you think about this Title,It says "Not fur real"--> "Not for real"-->NOT REAL FUR,thank God.

We have New Theme Styled Outfits.Even I wouldn't mind if they published HotBuys instead of this.
It's full of FUR and...yeah,mostly just Fur.I'm not really big fan of this,but I can't wait to see your stunning outfits,maybe you change my view on Fur.

We have those hilarious boots here,faux fur sleeve tunic,faux fur trousers and shirt.If you like those boots,you can find them in Tingeling for 5 and 6 stardollars.Faux fur sleeve tunic costs 16 stardollars and it's also from Tingeling and the trousers are from Fallen Angel and they're only 7 stardollars,that's a decent price for trousers.

 On the right we have,Dress Inspired by Lanvin,you can find it Tingeling for 15 stardollars.Then we have that Faux Fur Hoodie,you also have the same Faux Fux skirt.They're both from Fallen Angel; The Hoodie costs 12 stardollars; skirt 8 stardollars.

Faux Fur items are mostly from TINGELING and some of them are from Fallen Angel.The prices are moving from 3 - 16 stardollars.

Look at those boots?Would you even call them boots or some very hairy items.Would you be brave enough to ever wear them??Actually,you don't need to be brave,you just need to have sense of fashion in yourself and you'll know you can't wear those boots.Never.They don't cost a lot,but don't let the price cheats you.Buy them if you really like them,but for me they're totally MISS of this "Styled Outfits"


Here we have Dress inspired by Lanvin. It's my favourite thing from this "Styled Outfits".It has a little fur on the shoulders and that's one of the reasons I love it.It's from Tingeling and it costs 16 stardollars.Wear it with some ice-blue tights and black boots.Not those fur boots,please.You can add a little Fur clutch or some fur accessorize.Just,don't use too much fur.

 To see more Faux Fur items go to "Olivia Wilde" DressUp.Click HERE .

Here we have the identification of the new clothes from the new doll.Some of them are already in starplaza and the others will come out very soon.

Fur,fur,fur.Stardoll is full of fur this season.We have Chanel,Lanvin,Versace and Balenciaga.Falls 2010 and Spring 2011.

Thanks to Mario (Dodence_bt) who made this identification.

 If you're interesting for refreshing your wardrobe with some Fur,go to starplaza.But,remember,STAY FASHIONABLE.

Some of our followers wearing Fur

  Egle (vampire_)  

Mario (dodence_bt)




If you're wearing any Fur,write in comments and I'll post your outfit here :D
What do you think about those Styled Outfits?Do you like Faux Furs?Would you buy any?Which item is "HIT" and which is "MISS" for you?



kukipopoi said...

I think the furry boots look kinda cute though, and for me it is HIT :D

Anonymous said...

To me some of the graphics are really bad... stardoll can make better graphic for this pieces... S: .. just saying

Visit me: Emo-Diva212

Anonymous said...

one big HUGE MISS! Why couldn't they have brought out the HotBuys instead of that?!

Anonymous said...

that's really nothing for me.. the clothes doesn't look good..

LaBeauty said...

I wouldnt wear it on the street, but if you look at the past chanel collection, all the pieces are sooo cute! and on the doll they do look really cute too! maybe i'll buy them.. not sure yet..

Alejka said...,0

THAT'S where the fur is from !!

-Margaret278- said...

for me the furry boots look nice and i think that only people with great sence of style can wear them!! i m tired of seen all the dolls wearing black high heels....

Anonymous said...

Those clothes make me think of a Sasquatch.

Hermine_1990 said...

A true fashionista can were anything and make it look good ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the fur boots are really nice and you could definately make a nice outfit with them.

Mario said...

The fur boots are the IT boots of the season, they're the best thing possible!

Btw here's identification of the new clothes on the new doll:

*ID by me*

And since I'm a real fur lover I ADORE everything furry Stardoll brings.. I love the Versaces, already wearing one!!

Ruth♡Houpisonfire said...

Stardoll graphic designers should put more effort on creating stardoll's everydays clothes :S
Well I'm not really a fan of fur BUT I love the Versaces, they are amazing. I love those colours^^

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Ehh, I really don't like this collection. I don't tend to wear fur anyways xD

Anonymous said...

Those fur boots are a total hit!
And they're really easy to match with other clothes and you can make a perfect outfit :)

I tried

EnchantedGirl7 said...

You just broke the only fashion rule.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion those boots are the best thing on stardoll

and the dress that was a hit i think that was a huge miss

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you.Those boots are very ugly and for me huge MISS.

We all have different opinions.

bellajella1997 said...

I am wearing fur (with the boots!) :) Please have a look at my doll, bellajella1997 is my username!

superstar4eva12 said...

What do you think? I used those boots that were described as a miss, i dont think they are too bad actually once you put them together with an outfit. I really like the Jacket, plus 3 out of 4 pieces of this outfit are from Chanel :)

Anonymous said...


Silw said...

I made outfit with fur boots: smiliuxxx

Boho little bit

.emma.x. said...

I don't think the boots are that bad :P

Anonymous said...

BIG Smile in my Face... Why?? ha, the brown Fur boots looks like BIGFOOT-Feets... LOL
Screem PETA


Anonymous said...

My Friend Flyymama Is Wearing Fur And She Looks Fabulous Check Her Out!

xxDemi84xx said...

I like the ur boots ; i think they're Chanel ;P

Rosalie-Miley said...

I love it!

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