Thursday, December 2, 2010


Note: Thanks to all of you who commented my post below. I appreciate your support and loyalty to the blog!
Those of you who were a part of our blog last year will remember this lovely banner created by our very talented John2_el_mejor!!! It's gorgeous, but a new year calls for a new banner!

So, I thought this year, I would turn this into a competition.. IF we get enough entries! I know everyone is not so talented in photoshop art, but a lot of you are or have friends who are. So get the word out there about this comp and please make a little time to do it as I love to see all the entries!!!

WHAT TO DO: (2 comps)

1. Create a Holiday banner for the blog! Please say Happy Holidays on it instead of Merry Christmas that way it can stay up thru the new year.  The winner will receive $200sd.

2. I would also like a personal banner for my posts reflecting the holidays. The winner will receive $100sd.

*Non-SS will be made SS

  You can do both or just one. It's up to you!

Keep the Christmas/Holiday theme in mind  for both. For the blog banner, it must obviously include me, but please try to incorporate some of the writers into it (like above)... I know we have a lot so look for the ones who have been active. 

Take a screen print. Upload and Post the link in comments.

Last day to enter Sat Dec. 11th


You must be both an official follower of this blog to enter


Hrly said...

i'm going to enter


Miss_LolitaF said...

Lovely idea :)

DEMI_LOVANTO_2/ evanescenceakii said...

Dear Jenna,
thank you for making such a wonderful comp! I'd love to see the girls & boys who will enter! but i can't enter cuz as i said at your last post i don't know who to make pictures with star-dolls like real people! if anyone can help me, i'd love to hear his/her directions! i also wanted to invite you to my blog named: :)
Thank you again for coming back sweety!
kisses & hugs,
SMW's #1 fan,
Christine/DEMI_LOVANTO_2 :)

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

You just came back and alredy have an awsome comp. going on! :D
I'll try to spread the word ;)

liza.suliamnec/jelizaveta123 said...

Great idea ;D

Anonymous said...

i'll definitely enter! ^__^

Alienpop said...

Cool. I have absolutely no clue how to do that stuff so good luck to all who enter :D


BeautyBxxtch said...

I would enter but I suck at this kind of stuff, so good luck to everyone else XD
& P.S., I love the new banner you have :]

Sarah said...

I would love to enter, but I'm not a follower of this blog =/

Larsa_Gurl said...

I'll enter. I'll start now. I'm not the best but, its nice to try?

tretretre said...

What pixel size should I make the banners?

bracken1234 said...

Im New to this ;) Im Still Learning

Anonymous said...

Hey girls get this before it's over - 1. free narnia interior- use proxy port 80 for me). There' a film on the bottom right hand corner of the page, although it did not show for me just click the empty space you see on lower right corner. 2. ice scuplture from poland id=804, 3. skating dress but you have to usea finnish manual proxy I think (not worth the trouble). I got all 3 so it's possible to get them. For the interior click on a blue bag you find in your suite to unlock the interior.

Anonymous said...

I will try! So glad to have you back.:)

blueberry-dream said...

Worth a try :) Glad you're back, Jenn!

loveshorses5 said...

I will enter soon! Great idea!


andpao14 said...

I´m andpao14.
this is my grafic.

Please don´t copy.

Ruaninha *-* said...

Hey! I made two personal banners.
Hope you guys like it :)
And Jenna, you can choose your favorite ^-^

Larsa_Gurl said...

Your very talented~!

fly_with_me101 said...

dear jenna,
glad to see that your back! and i understand why you haven't been on being a teenager is hard haha :) well yeah and im glad your back!

heres my entry for your name!:

i worked really hard on this banner especially because it was my first one i EVER made! so i hope its good enough for your standards :) lol hope you like it!

God Bless,
fly_with_me101(STARDOLL USER NAME) (Sara)

amelenia said...

Great idea! :D

I don't think I'll be entering :S Mr graphics aren't that good.


EssRox said...

I love making graphics but I'm not sure If I'll make one.

I'll try though (:

bluenikki13 said...

my name...bluenikkie13

my entry:http:


RhonaCrowley said...

I'm going to enter :D
Just wondering what size does it have to be?

Tammy_01 said...

I absolutely love the banner! The person who will win must be really talented =D

leoncinaa said...

Danielle/yissy123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielle/yissy123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Courtney Dempster Black said...

Heres my entry... I made everything myself :)

Sinbabee on stardoll x

Anonymous said...

great idea! look at my banner. maybe it's not that much good! so i just want to join!
and my name on stardoll: hohokoko1328

cutiepie80 said...

Love the new banner! :D
I'm extremely BAD at graphics though :P

iArmanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

the new banner is awesome. you dont need a new one.

Anonymous said...

Haha not much talent here, i LIKE ruihana's graphic and LOVE the santas hat on sinbabee's and the hair... shame ruihana never drew it. There the only ones with talent :)

iArmanda said...

Here Is My Entry.
Im Lame At Making Graphics :D
But It's Worth To Try.
I Love Ruaninha's Graphics!
I'm iArmanda on Stardoll.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Romana.Dawn it is, but it is the one we used last year. Writers have changed and increased etc.. :)

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

@ Anon please leave your criticisms of peoples talents for another blog. Thanks

iswim19 said...

This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see some of the entries- they're all going to be absolutely beautiful, I'm sure.


Creina10 said...

The blog itself's banner:
your posts banner:

It says Merry Christmas, but if you want me to change it, here is the new one:

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

This is an amaazing idea!
I love too seeing all those entries! ;D

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I'll try and enter :P

One question:
If we include other writers, then which ones do we include?...xoxo

Anonymous said...

free barbie top

its the UK only btw

Anonymous said...

that was me missceaaria

Miss said...

Good idea!

Katerina aka Dimitsuri said...

Hello Jenna, I'm very glad u came back. Good comp and I would love to enter but I don't have time so I wish good luck to all participants :)

Hrly said...


Blog banner + personal banner.

Or you can use this link to see both of them at once:

altonmiddle12|Lynn said...

Everyone did an amazing job(: I especially love Ruaninha's.
Good luck to everyone(:

Carly :P said...

Most are good but I love sinbabee's graphic, its realy christmasy and the fonts lovely :)

Lena_Girl14 said...

My entry:


Anonymous said...

Ive noticed lena_gurl14 (if thats correct) and ruihannas bg is very much the same, how unorigional ha pathetic if i must say so...

StardollBabe :) said...

Everyones is soooo good, much better than ive done, i LOve Sinbabee's and Ruihanna's and i think hrly's group shot should be chosen. For the solos, i think i sort of agree with annonymous about the unorigionality of ruihanna's graphic but there both very nice :Px

Jeremy! said...

My username is Mileycyrussss and I would like to enter. I love everyones graphics so far! Good job guys!

Ruaninha *-* said...

hm, my name is Ruaninha. And thank you for the lovely comments.

LaFee-supergirl said...

I like just 2 of all the entries ;) Well done!

I do not do it better, so I won´t join this competition ;)

kylieee said...

My entry for the personal banner!
my username is missricopenguin :)

rosa_kira said...


do the dolls of the banner have to look like stardoll's medolls? or can I make different style
please answer :B

this is my email:

by the way, I had been following this blog for a while, but I hadn't been an official follower, so I tried to follow this blog (because I do not really know how to do it) and I am not sure if I made it

Rab92 said...

I Love The Banner Above, The Poses Are Fantastic!

As For This Comp, I`ll Give It A Miss. I`m Not Very Good When It Comes To Graphics Lol.


Nowandwhenever/Demi_lavato10 said...

I'm sad...This has been the worst day and to make it worse my 5 hr spent graphic froze-when i was making it-so therefor i couldn't save but luckily I could print screen it wasn't finished..hopefully I'll recover it and it'll be all good....:)

kylieee said...

here is my entry for the blog banner :)

I'm not very good at poses so I didn't include one :P
missricopenguin on stardoll :D

blueberry-dream said...

Personal Banner:

Anonymous said...

i'm giuta22 i made the blog's banner and the secon banner jenna's banner i will make toonight or tomorrow...and i want to know how i post contest or fre clothes?? i really want , and i have a cool competition it's like this comp.

giuta22 said...

and i love this blog , i really really want to post message in the blog but i dont know how or i cant

Riva said...


TulaFlower said...

I'm In, I think:L mine wont be too good, it would only be my 1st!
i am going to have a go at the personal banner first, and if that goes well, i will do the other


Jesica / daloita said...

I just finished a personal graphic :) I hope you all like it!

Danielle/yissy123 said...

Im restarting my graphic i didnt like it much but urs is coming soon! ;)

hanae785 said...

I spend all the day doing the blog banner and Jenna banner!! Hope you like them and good luck to all !! ^_^
Blog Banner :
Jenna's Banner :

TulaFlower said...

There are so many talented graphic artists i have no chance, but here is a personal banner anyways, its myy first image editing on stardoll so i fufilled my personal acheivement, but i'm not sure if you will like it the hair went funny:L


TulaFlower said...

Mybad, i didnt put the actual link in the message>.<
Well It's :


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It's amazing :)
I'm gonna enter to the competition, here's the personal banner: This is the first banner I've ever made so it's not sooo good, but I hope you like it :) I spent like three hours! hahaha.
I'm gonna post the other one another day. JosephinaA @stardoll.

Anonymous said...

And if you need to change the letters or anything, tell me! :)

Plami161 said...

Great comp! I finally got my entry for personal banner done! *phew*


Nowandwhenever/Demi_lavato10 said...

Here Is my entry (personal banner) Whew! :D
ICreated the pose and clothing my self so it took time. xD :)

dulcenika said...

im in

first i leave my work about 'happy holidays' second work i will send later. ;-)


Anonymous said...

WHAT!!?? Plami161 copied my entryy! (If you look at the hour is obvious) Well, that means she like it :D

TulaFlower said...

I was about to point that out:L

Danielle/yissy123 said...

ok so heres my entrie it took along time espicially the hair! its 99% by me expect the medoll!
Heres my entrie:

hope u like it! ;)

Shayan. said...
^ Here you go Jenna, it took forever but its so worth it!

Hope you love it♥

Plami161 said...

I'm so sorry, I got the wrong link, I didn't wanted to copy it! If you look at the post that Bruno made, you'll se that I made one myself.
This is 100% mine!
Sorry again!

Maddy2981 said...

Awh.. I finally made them..

So the SMW banner-

and your personally banner -


L <3 said...

Here's mine :) hope you like it guys ;) I spend 2 days in it! LOL!!



romela1998 said...
i am romela1998

RhonaCrowley said...

Heres mine ;D

Anonymous said...

username: keaiilah1

Miss said...

Personal Banner:


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hotgirl1501 said...

Jenna's banner;
Main banner:

I hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

I'm JosephinaA in stardoll and this is my sample:
It's the idea, if you like it I could make it with the writers you want, the text and format you want and I can put any clothes. It'd be done in one day! Thank you!!

Allly said...

Gah, So, I know you have to be an official follower, but I tried signing up for about 20 minutes with it not working.

So, Here's the Banner..
I'm not going to claim it's the best, cause it's really not.. but I think it's pretty good (;

** Jenna, since I'm not an official follower, I don't think this is a "real" entry, or I don't know how to put it. If you think it is, go ahead and enter me then, I won't disagree ;P.

rainbow said...

here are my banners, my stardoll name is rainbow-waker




Galaxina said...

My entry.

Galaxina said...


Sd user : Galaxina
Ty for this opportunity♥

the2glams said...

blog banner:

the2glams said...

blog banner:

hotgirl1501 said...

Here is mine! I hope you like it!
main banner
personal banner

-lovely2009- said...

nice comp!

iloveanimals28 said...

Yay! I finally finished mine! Woo! Right before deadline practically!

It's for the top of your posts Jenna :]


Anonymous said...

Here's my entry :)
hope you like it! It took ages to do!

Anonymous said...

here is entry:

hope you like it!

Anonymous said...


hope you like it! If I had more time I would have tried to do a better job and include more of the writers, sorry about that ~_~ Oh and the green dress + the accessories with it is all from elie saab spring 2011 C:

LsdLuciana said...

Blog banner:

Personal banner:

I can change the size, colors, fonts, anything. Would be an honor for me to have my first banner on my favorite blog =)

LsdLuciana said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to post my username, it's obvious but...idk lol. Well, I'm posting the entry again, correctly.

Username: LsdLuciana

Blog banner:

Personal banner:

minty-soph ت said...

Heres the Personal Banner:

It isnt very good, but I hope you like it :D

Btw, my sd account is minty-soph :]

plamena16 said...

Posting it again from blogger account.

Plami161 on Stardoll

dulcenika said...

its my second work: (jenna banner)


MissSelena121 said...

Can we use Splashup it's free?


PwincessSara/Sara said...

Sorry it's a day late.
I couldn't post my entry yesterday, wasn't home most the time.

Three are I-Dressup Outfits.
Odds are you won't use it, but hope you like it anyway, as it took me AGES.

riva.ilyas said...

ZOMG!! can't wait for this contest to finish!!
ANd a nother one to star

riva.ilyas said...

ZOMG!! can't wait for this contest to finish!!
ANd a nother one to star

Anonymous said...

enter the contest

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