Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stardoll's Fashionable Members ! #2

Hey Guys !
The previous post i did on this blog about Stardoll's Fashionable Members
In my perspective was a great success !
I loved reading all your comments !
Okay so this week i found some amazing and creative people !
I listened to your advice and use people that we might have not heard of before.
So okay below there are 3 new people !


Today while i was looking around for people for this post this amazing girl visited me !
From the face of her medoll i could tell that this was going to be something special.
I have never heard of this girl before and her outfit completely stunned me !
She used the materials for this outfit just right.
And the makeup is also very tastefully done i really am glad i found someone like her its just really
cool finding people with such a talent for fashion on stardoll.


This girl is just so amazing at coming up with these tribal/vintage looks seriously from head to toe
she has made something that looks out of this world !
I have talked to this girl about her outfits before because they have always stunned me !
I love the way she uses items which go well together and it seems like she does not rush it.
Which makes her outfits really nice and well put together.
I also love that she created a sort of bandanna/hat or something like that for her head to go with the outfit
Some really amazing work displayed by this amazing fashionista !


For this person i really didn't know if she was famous or not ?
Because i promised last week to find people that are not famous but with a real talent for fashion.
I have come across her suite before but i didn't talk to her and i never visited her since but now i found
her again !
This really surprised me i love this futuristic outfit which is made with a lot of different materials !
Again like violenca she has made something for her head which really compliments the outfit !
I am always a huge fan of futuristic outfits and this is just right for me !
Although the colors are a little bit bland but if they were colorful this outfit would not look as good.

Okay so this week i personally think i have found some Awesome people
with a real fashion sense !
I am really happy that i find new people like them on stardoll which makes me even more excited
to find more.
So what did yous think about these 3 wonderful fashion divas ?
Any new people i should look at ?
Leave your thoughts in comments thanks !



Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

Awesome outfits!!

Plinck said...

I just LOVE this outfits, those girls have a great talent! Kisses

Kaldea said...

I love the look! Outrageous, gorgeous and very talented! x

Alice in Wonderland said...

I've always loved Violenca's outfits :)

Neeka / Princess_Kiara1 said...

i like those outfits, and wow, violenca is really outstanding :o

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww!! If that's what you call fashion I'm not interested ewwww!!!.

Blahm3 said...

If you are not interested no need to comment ;)

Lilys Graphics said...

i think these looks reflect personality and your personal style. Of course its okay to have your opinion but theres no need to e rude^^^ . anyways these outfits arent really mt stlye.. but these girls rocked them. it also shows a side of creativity.its great.
110/100 for all of them .
lilylau xx

Lilys Graphics said...

BTW. my no need to be rude comment was to that anonymous person ;) x

Lilys Graphics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AlexCendraBurke said...

Amanda, i know you got alot of haters in your last post and am not being bitchy but couture aint just fashionable try picking classical,urban up to date fashion you know what i mean? other types, and not being a hater i love all them outfits and i know you love couture but try and pick different styles

Blahm3 said...

those outfits arnt all couture

Vintage ?

Tribal ?

First one is more like Street chick

And the last one is the only couture one ! and in the last post the only hater i had was the anonymous one lol xD

misz_paparazzi said...

Awesome ;D

Princess__17 said...

You should visit Evita.Sweet, she has a great sense for fashion and everytime I enjoy her fabulous outfits when I come to her suite!

Maggie / BeautyBxxtch said...

Wow, I love how they can make their outfits so outrageous and still drop dead gorgeous at the same time :3

Dloo3t almama said...

really Awesome .. I love the last one.. even it's not my style .. but as you said it's a futuristic outfit.. thanks for the post =)

Foxy_Roxie said...

I like how you used not-so-famous people(:
The last outfit is the best, I think.

Pink_Lover786 said...


dreaming said...

Love their unique styles, especially the last one!

QT_Yaz said...

Omg, if your reading this.. i have some one i want to nominatee MissLindakoekje, search her and tell me wat you think

Sophie /twilighter70/♥ said...

Awesome outfit!
Well done Blahm3, for finding them(:

Winniegirl123 ♥ said...

They're all amazing! x

Varinder ||♥|| Vpurple said...


Anonymous said...

that isn't fashion.
it is creative and probably inspired by lady gaga.

Elis/Lulluplix said...

Wow.. so cool outfits ;)! I dont want to be annoying but i'd really love it if you'd visit me ;).

phoebe/lemy100 said...

wow i like them all! and i think Gkmktk is famous....

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Great post!
Violenca's stood out the most.
Great job with the outfits, everyone! :D

Blahm3 said...

@anonymous if that isn't fashion than i dont know what is to you.

kukipopoi said...

I love all the girls' uniqueness, and I love your post too, but please Blahm3, wth with statement "For this person i really didn't know if she was famous or not".

Being famous doesn't mean that the person is creative!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Really great outfits :D
Some of them are maybe too much :/
But,some of them are awesome.

Blahm3 said...


Last week in comments everyone was saying all of these people were famous and this week i wasnt sure about that girl if she was or wasnt so i just put that down because otherwise everone would be saying your using famous people again ;)

katara4 said...

so original *-*

Anonymous said...

Blahm3, I really dn't think you should post here anymore. Deep down inside all these girls are so disapointed and they feel like they aren't fashionable because you haven't picked them. It is like a contest please read this carefully and listen to what I am trying to say - don't make It a competition to see who is 'the most fashionable people on Stardoll' That is very unfair and just plain selfish! If you want to care, LISTEN. please.

Blahm3 said...

What why would u just quit this has been my dream to write for this blog for ages now ! Maybe i will just stop this coz seeming like the anonymous person will just ruin my every post.

_JolieAnn_ said...

i love hair sense of style
shes so amazing!!!
im so happy to have her as one of my friends :)

@ esengo: love you ;)

Anonymous said...

I am not the same anynomous person as the first! Ugh. There is more than one anynonomus person. -.- Oh, and I hope I do ruin your dream and make you quit because you are doing this job all wrong! Wrong, wrong, WRONG! Get It right, for once.

vivienpax said...

they are all good i wish i was that creative

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