Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to make money on Stardoll

Note: This post is not for people who want to sell items just to get rid of them/to clean up closet. This is for people who want to earn money and make 'business' out of reselling clothes.
So, you don't want to spend real money in order to get virtual money, but you want to get some extra cash to decorate rooms, or buy some Limited Edition clothes (or any clothes, since SD raised prices on everything). Of course, money you get along with buying superstar membership is not enough. It never is. So, you have one choice left - to earn money from buying and selling clothes (reselling). Here are few tips for beginning.

-You will need time and patience for this, because like every 'business', money won't come easily.
-You will need to check out broadcasts, starbazaars, main starbazaar, etc. quite often. If you are too lazy for that, don't even start.
-How I started doing this - With the first time I bought superstar membership with credit card, I realized 50 stardollars a week isn't enough. (And it was a year-and-half ago, when there was no LE, and prices were usually not higher from 10sd). Then, I got an idea. I was searching broadcasts to find some clothes to buy, and saw people who were reselling clothes. My idea was to sell similar/same clothes like they do, just with lower prices. Simple. And here I am now.
-Be nice and polite. If this comes too hard for you, remember, this is just business.
-Send broadcasts. Best time to send them is when many people are online; just check out broadcast Queue. If there are 10 pages there, that means many people are sending boadcast at the time, and even more checking out them. If there are only few pages, better save your stardollars for later.
-Play 'play and earn' games everyday, 5sd may seem little, but that is price for 1 broadcast. Not to waste.

This is it, for begining. If you have some questions, just ask, if I get too many of them, I will make sure to answer all of them in my next post about making money on Stardoll.


Muffins0012 said...

Thanks, that actually helped.

Stardoller said...

gr8 advice!
helps alot!!! :)

reira422 said...

I did that a lot when I was superstar :)

I usually look for clothes that are 2sd and the sell them for higher. Of course, if I am sure I can sell it with a profitable price.

Catarinaa said...

Well i normally sell good clothes for a high price

26jen said...

Good tips! They would totally be helpful, if only I was a superstar. :(

i_am_collector said...

i know you try be nice, but i dont think this post is good idea.
now be more ppl who be selling clothes so is more chances that you sell less than usually !!!

Miss_LolitaF said...

love it

BlueBerry106 said...

Thanks for the tips!

Rab92 said...

Great Advice.
Done It All, But By The Time Someone Even Found My Sale I Was Non Superstar Again Lol.


Chicago3 said...

I have done this for a few years, it really helps!

SD catwalk said...

i've been waiting for a post like this i'd love to start a bussiness..

1 question: how low should the prices be, and what if u can't help but buying loads in the starplaza and starbazzar??


Caroline. said...

Good tips! I've come across quite few collection clothes for $2-$5, but you have to be patient and it's often all about luck.

Caroline [crazycaz07]

sd_is_da_best said...

I did this a lot when I was ss once. It really does work but you're right you have to be patient and keep looking through Starbazaar

Noulitsa said...


ADJAJA/Anna said...

I never had a flair for reselling, but I'm sure with this guide a lot of people will realize they have one!

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